Is this Stellar song a stellar song? Let’s take a look!

Finally! I have broken the three girl group/three boy group cycle! Some notable events this week include History and The Legend disbanding on the same day. I already said way too much on History’s disbandment. Meanwhile, AOA’s Choa’s absence expanded to a dating rumor and a Bulldok member got attention for something BTS related as well as leaving Bulldok.

But the lucky winner this week is Stellar for the announcement of a new member for some reason. While I like Vibrato the most from the Stellar songs I’ve heard, (Dance version in case the age restriction screws you over.) it seems fitting to pick the first song Stellar did after the departure and addition of two members, U.F.O!

In their early years, they were known as a group led by Shinhwa leader Eric Mun. So naturally the Shinhwa connection was capitalized. Their debut had Eric featuring and U.F.O‘s MV had an appearance from Shinhwa member Jun Jin. This is important because he’s the only reason why I would watch this video.


I mentioned in last week’s H.O.T review that I got interested in Shinhwa. I already knew they existed over a year ago and I rather liked a few songs, but it wasn’t until early this year that I noticed Jun Jin that I gave an actual damn.

At first, I thought he was the least attractive member after watching Weekly Idol clips in January. Then I found Wow Wow Wow in February, looked further into Shinhwa’s discography as well as watched ‘funny compilation’ videos, and Jun Jin became one the most attractive guys in k-pop.


It was Park Kyung all over again. But the difference is I didn’t mind Park Kyung’s face at first while I would purposely try to avoid looking at Jun Jin’s face when watching Wowx3 over and over again. (Because I loved the song the moment I heard it.) Nevertheless, he’s stunning and I wouldn’t have watched U.F.O till later if he wasn’t in it.


After getting a better look at his groupmates, Shinhwa became the second attractive k-pop group in my opinion. Now that History’s done. This makes them the most attractive active group in k-pop. Being 15-17 years older than me doesn’t bother me since my celebrity crushes when I was a minor younger used to be much older than they are now. If anything, they’re an improvement!


Okay, okay. I won’t pull a complete Whatta Man on you and try to talk about the parts of U.F.O and not just about how hot the male romantic lead is.

Why make a video for a song with a spacecraft as the title about a love robot? Robots can be alien, but wouldn’t it work better to call the song “Cyborg”? Or “Electronic Love”? (Made you think of this song, right?)


…That’s all I got. Everything else is Jun Jin-related. I will say I thought it was awesome he and that Stellar girl got to make out. He sure had good fun with rookie girl group members that year. Anyway, this song is out of this world! At least, it should be. Far away in space, where no one can hear it.

Oops! I just had to include more Jun Jin. That is all. For now.

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