Welcome Back, Junhoe and others.

iKon is back, and they brought with them a whole lot of ‘wtf’ with them. Why the new names now, and why give EVERYONE that used their birth names a new one? Jinhwan’s not a bad name. And although Ju-Ne was already used by Junhoe, all it did (when I first read it) was make me think it’s June, or a shorter version of his full name. If having names spelled a dumb way is the best for non-Korean people, why stop there? Have Woozi change is name to Ooji, or Seohyun to Suh-hyun, or Jimin to G-Mean. Because we foreigners are so uneducated on Korean phonetics.

That aside, the bigger song from the signature YG double feature release seems to be Bling Bling.

[OBLIGATORY SHINEE WORLD JOKE INCOMING] Looks like it’s not enough to want to be the new Big Bang; they’re coming after SHINee too. Junhoe may be better looking than all of SHINee, but they have a better appearance ratio then iKon. Donghyuk isn’t that bad though. I’ll have to do some research on him to have a better opinion. And I also refuse to use his new name. There’s only one DK that matters in k-pop:


For the song and video, it sounds a lot like Full House from the BobbyXMino project group MOBB, but better somehow. The differences are as follows:

  • Bobby doesn’t have half of the lines, and when he does have lines, he doesn’t sound as annoying as usual. He also looks better visually. That’s odd. B.I too, in voice and appearance! What the fuck? Stay on your side of the wall that you can’t climb over!
  • No stupid filters.
  • Bling Bling replaces the airhorns and other yoloswag bullshit in the chorus with brass horns. Wise decision.
  • The represent bias’ unfortunate styling isn’t as emphasized in Bling Bling as it is in Full House.

It’s hard to dislike this song when it could be much worse.


Junhoe’s ‘autotuned’ bit at 1:56 doesn’t bother me. As a devout Jin fan, I’ve grown accustomed to when my bias’ voice gets played around with by the sound production team. The only instance where that does bother me is f(x)- Danger (Pinocchio) which has Luna sounding nothing like the Luna we know. Whereas Junhoe’s huskiness is still present in his part.


Bling Bling is the spiritual successor to Rhythm Ta, as in it’s not really that good of a yolo song but you can’t help but listen to it over and over. In the end, Bling Bling doesn’t shine brighter than most other songs.

The other song iKon offered is what I prefer from the the two, B-Day.

As if it wasn’t enough to use a SHINee inside joke, now they’re asking for Block B fans to get mad with all of those bee references. Luckily, BBCs aren’t Shinhwa Changjos (and Shinhwa for that matter as well), so no stupid plagiarism accusation this time around.

Take away all the bee stuff, which includes the chorus, the song is pretty neat. Especially the verses. I was reminded of the soundtrack for Bastion. All I need is a k-pop version of a Transistor song and I can promise to never leave the k-pop world.


I don’t like how tolerable Bobby and B.I are this comeback, but Chanwoo was not affected by this, so I can finally settle on who’s my least favorite in iKon once and for all. And Junhoe is still wonderful of course, and Donghyuk is worth keeping an eye on.


I think it’s the hair in Bobby’s case. It covers up some of his face and I happen to be a guy hairstyle I like on idols somehow.

Anyway, I’ll put B-Day up there with iKon songs I like the most, but I’ll easily move on the next new song that’s quite good in no time, rather than be in B-Day-loving mode for two weeks or so. Since that new song hasn’t been released, I give this song a B.


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