Hey! It’s that day of the week again!

This week has had a quite healthy number of stories compared to the week before. Ex-Sistar’s Bora and Bigstar’s Feeldog were revealed to be a coupleTopp Dogg’s Hansol worried his fans with his suicidal thoughts, and Sulli’s long awaited scene in the movie she’s barely in was made public. There was also a few stories about line up changes within the past seven days. Inspirits got scared about Infinite possibly losing a memberExo’s upcoming comeback will not include Lay, though he hasn’t officially left the group, and last but not least at all, AOA’s Choa announced she’s leaving the group, but FNC denied it and claimed they are still discussing. This broke out less than 24 hours after my NU’EST post where I complained how there wasn’t a big story yet (though Baekho’s scandal did get bigger). Turns out it missed the deadline to get last week’s featuring. Which meant I had a whole week to pick an AOA song to feature!

This is the song that got many people to notice AOA. Not the band conceptnot their previous sexy concept song, this one. What was it that made folks care about them? Was it the skirt unzipping? The song? Seolhyun? Choa getting a bob for the first and no where near the last time? Probably all of the above. But in my mind, Choa sacrificed her long hair and Youkyung to get AOA popular. And it sure was worth it.


The song was a grower on me. Didn’t really impress me at the beginning, especially since this was the same group that released the awesome Like A Cat. But as months went by and I realized how Brave Brothers can make even some of his best songs sound irritating, Miniskirt became more likable. The keyboard is soothing and fits in well with the overall package. And the group (sans Jimin) sing softly for the most part, making this an oddly relaxing song.


I’m quite fascinated by Choa’s belting during the bridge, where an autotune effect leaks out. Usually, ‘autotune’ songs (Autotune as in T-Pain, Songify the News, GLaDOS, etc. Not the autotune that is already in all of the pop songs you listen too.) have the autotune effect throughout the whole song. Choa’s belt is the only time you hear that effect, and it’s almost 3 minutes after the song started. Some people (I assume “vocalist fans”) probably don’t like it, but I think I love it because Choa’s belt is already slick on its own, and the autotune actually compliments her part.


For the video, I have to say Hyejeong during her first line is iconic.

The choreographer deserves an award

Also, the black dresses the girls are wearing (as seen in the gif above)? I want one. It’s okay if I have to get one without a zipper. It’s gorgeous with or without it. People freaking out over the sexism and male gaze and whatever are assuming this is a bad influence on young girls. I watch it, and I’m inspired to dress nicely and not be a prude. That’s a rather positive message, wouldn’t you think?


Anyone else notice Chanmi’s drama shots are the least “explicit”? You got girls taking their clothes off, laying in bed, and really enjoying some strawberries, while Chanmi is just chillin on a staircase. The fact she was 17 at the time might have something to do with it, but she was already of legal age in terms of South Korea’s consent laws. Unless the director is scared of international fans and gave her the baby treatment for that reason.


While I like Like A Cat more, that song might not have been possible without the popularity gained by Miniskirt. But this song beats the other in terms of “AOA’s Best Choreography”. And as always, the pretty girls are AOA. I give it 6 history lessons out of 8.


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