Throwback Thoughts Index

A quick and easy way to see what songs from yesteryear I’ve covered so far.


At the time of writing, the Throwback Thoughts series turns 3 months old today. While I didn’t originally start this blog to make song reviews, Throwback has helped battle my procrastination issue so I don’t post once or twice a month. I kinda have my Spring Day/Not Today review to thank since I probably wouldn’t have had the idea for Throwback if not for that. Now that the number of Throwback Thoughts is over a dozen, I figured I should make a masterpost including every post in the series, rather than making you click the “reviews” tag on the sidebar.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Throwback Thoughts format, here’s a mini-crash course; in an attempt to a) keep this blog active, b) explore and share K-pop songs from the past that most likely were created before this blog’s inception, and c) keep up with what’s new in the non-music aspect of K-pop. I review one song a week by an artist that was involved in a trending topic during the week leading up the day of posting. What qualifies as a trending topic? Dating news, crime breaking, disbandments/lineup changes, just being problematic, just to name a few. If it happens between the previous Thursday and the day of publishing, a song by the relevant artist can be reviewed for Throwback Thoughts where I will talk about whatever I want. Comebacks are exempt from trending topics. Because I could just review the new song instead. If I don’t, then maybe I can review that new song the next year. The Throwback Thoughts articles here are in order of song release date by year (newest to oldest) rather than when the posts were published. As well as alphabetically because I can’t be bothered googling during which month was the song was released.


Red Velvet- Red Flavor

Suzy- Yes No Maybe



10cm- What The Spring??

100%- Better Day

BlackPink- Playing With Fire

BTS- Fire

I.O.I- Whatta Man (Good Man)

Mamamoo- You’re The Best

Momoland- Jjan! Koong! Kwang!

Oh My Girl- A-ing (Listen to my Word)

Romeo- Miro

Taeyeon- 11:11



Apink- Petal

BTS- Dope

Cross Gene- Play With Me

Exo- Call Me Baby

GOT7- If You Do

iKon- What’s Wrong?

Laboum- Sugar Sugar

SHINee- Your Number

T-ARA- So Crazy



AOA- Miniskirt


f(x)- Red Light

GOT7- Stop Stop It

Infinite- Back

JYJ- Back Seat

NU’EST- Good Bye Bye

Park Boram- Beautiful ft. Zico

Rain- 30Sexy

Song Ji Eun- Don’t Look At Me Like That

SoReal- My Heart Says

Topp Dogg- TOPDOG

VIXX- Eternity



Beast- Shadow

Girl’s Day- Expectation

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)- I Got A Boy

Infinite- Destiny

N-Sonic- Run&Run

Nine Muses- Wild



After School- Flashback

Crayon Pop- Bing Bing

Dal Shabet- Have/Don’t Have

Miss A- I Don’t Need A Man

Stellar- U.F.O 

T-ARA- Sexy Love

Younique Unit- Maxstep



After School- Shampoo

M.I.B- G.D.M

MBLAQ- Mona Lisa

Sunny Hill- Midnight Circus

Super Junior- Mr. Simple

UV- Tralala



2AM- I Was Wrong

2NE1- Follow Me

Big Bang- Beautiful Hangover

KARA- Jumping



2PM- Heartbeat

Taeyang- Wedding Dress

2008.12.10 특별취재반 2008골든디스크 시상식 원더 걸스


Wonder Girls- So Hot



H.O.T.- Outside Castle



Shinhwa- T.O.P.

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve taken an interest in what I’ve written and I love you for that.

Think I’ll be using this a lot in the future because he’s just so cute here.

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