Park Kyung is an annoying little twerp who shouldn’t be anywhere on this list, let alone runner up. A year ago, he meant nothing to me! He really did! How is he here? How?

There’s more to the story about discovering Block B that I left out of my Zico post. After Zero for Conduct, I decided to pick P.O as my bias in Bastarz because he looked like T.O.P. Looking like an established bias can boost up my attention towards that individual. Unless he’s in the same group as that established bias.


After I already knew about the Zico/Bastarz connection, I managed to check out H.E.R. To see if there was anything else this group had to offer appearance-wise. I didn’t like P.O with pink hair, but I didn’t let that change anything. I deemed Block B to be “P.O, Zico, and the Rest”. About a year ago was when I checked out A Few Years Later, which was a recent release at the time. Nothing else changed. P.O looked cute with those plastic-framed glasses, but practically anyone can.

Exhibit A

About a week later, the teaser for Toy was released. The core reason I was keeping up with a group I had yet to stan was I decided to stop being a dumb, selfish k-pop fan and try to keep up with new releases. And I decided to do that at the perfect time, as that teaser was what finally made me want to listen to more Block B.


I still liked P.O the most, Zico not as much as P.O, Taeil the least, and everyone else in between Zico and Taeil. When I watched the MV’s for songs like Very Good Jackpot, and Nillili Mambo, and when Park Kyung would rap his verse, my reaction was “Oh yeah, there’s a third rapper.” I often forgot he was in the group. So what happened that led me to write a blog post full of pictures of him looking cute in my opinion?

This happened. Never have I been excited for an MV to come out based on a teaser alone. I was expecting to see how charming P.O is while hearing that awesome song Zico made. Then…well…and then…um…it went something like this:


“Gosh, that’s a nice look on you…wait, which one are you? I think you’re Kyung, but I don’t remember you looking this nice.” I thought, well, paraphrasing for textual reasons. The rest of the video continued without showing too much of him and I got to see cute little P.O in the dumpster and the cool dance, but then the rap sequence. What. The. Fuck?

This was the least awkward shot I could pause at. Better to play the video above from 2:38.

Was it his voice? The way he rapped? His acting? The way he looks at that girl? I don’t think there’s a specific explanation for what happened. All I know is before I ever watched the MV, I didn’t see Park Kyung as someone worth caring about. 3 minutes and 40 seconds later, he became a person of interest (to say the least).


I finally understood what it meant to have a bias wrecker. I would just say bias wrecker as a way to say second place. And I discovered that having a bias wrecker does not give a good feeling. It was the first time I would look at someone and think, “You fucking suck, why do you exist for fuck’s sake?” while simultaneously thinking, “Gosh you’re cute.”


And he also doesn’t have the perfect look; he’s dependent on make up, he could be a sponsor for filler injections (among others, as far as I know), and he can’t leave the house without shoe inserts. Well, I was bias wrecked so hard, that I ignored everything and accepted his face (which I’m of course fine with) and his height that’s similar to mine. After all, the chances the guy I marry will not be as hot as any of the gentleman listed is very high. So Park Kyung not being perfect is making it easier for me to lower my in-real-life standards. (K-pop standards remains untouched.)


That should be enough to hate that I like him, but noooo. I just had to watch that V Live he and other Block B members were in. I just had to make a positive comment towards Park Kyung. Right after I clicked send, he just had to wink at the fucking camera. I should blame myself since I knew my comments on V App don’t matter and he’s just trying to look good for the fans, but I’m gonna blame him anyway because he’s an annoying little twerp.


Fortunately, as well as unfortunately, the ‘honeymoon phase’ has worn thin, and I have more occasions while looking at photos of Park Kyung thinking he doesn’t look that cute. However, I still can’t bring myself to demote him. I still really like his rapping voice. Pity his solo songs have more singing than rapping. His raps are where it’s at when it comes to the sounds from his mouth.


He’s also one of the few idols that meet required standards that look good with blond hair. Usually, my biases look awful as blonds. Park Kyung, Zico, and Junhoe are rare examples of the opposite. I suppose it works for Park Kyung since he looks pretty White for an Asian when he has his idol-look on.


But it’s been 3 years since he was blonde. However, he’s been sporting the ‘comma hairstyle’ for over a year now (he gets haircuts eventually, but it immediately grows back to the comma) and in a perfect world, his hairdo stays like that forever. Well, forever until 2021 when he enlists and has to get a buzzcut, then having forever resume when he’s discharged.


Not only does he make an exception by looking good as a blonde, he looks adorable with metal-framed glasses as well as plastic. Even though plastic frames are far superior! How am I supposed to unbias this annoying little twerp? I should stop here. If I keep going, he might become number one.


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