Read all about the country where BTS had their historic concert!

There has been non-stop talk about BTS performing in SA ever since the concert was announced months ago. People found themselves taking sides over the concert/ But do either side really know what kind of a country is SA? I have previously blessed you all with my last geography lesson, now is the perfect time for another, and what better subject to have than SA!


To talk about SA, we need to start over a thousand years ago. The people of the land that would be SA were nomadic tribes and then this guy named Muhammad showed up and changed the world. Just like BTS changed the world by becoming the first foreign artists to perform a stadium concert in SA.

After Muhammad died, his followers went exploring to areas outside of A and declared the land they invaded Rashidun Caliphate. It became one of the largest empires of its time. Another example to set for armys show how powerful we can be. We have armys in the government and politics. We can end your whole career. We can get you in trouble in school. We can fire you from your job. There are armys in the CIA.

As centuries went by, a S dynasty was founded and centuries after that the people went to war with the automan empire which they lost. Parts of their land went to the automan empire. Mostly the parts of SA that touch water. SA is actually the biggest nation in the world that doesn’t have a river. BTS must have been so shocked to see no river in SA’s capital since they’re so used to soul’s huge river.


The As revolted in 1916 (with some help from that old dude from that old movie your dad likes) and it was the beginning of the end for the automan empire. SA was free. Once again, more inspiration for armys now that sperm is trying to steal BTS records with bundles and Big 3 influence and plenty of other cheats. All of BTS chart records are organic and well-deserved, and nobody can ever take that away from them.


It was in 1938 when SA struck oil. President of yoosa FDR liked knowing this and offered yoosa protection for SA if yoosa could get some of that oil. Managerantis claim SA still make deals like this today, and that the BTS concert was a result from such a deal. BTS themselves said it wasn’t an easy decision to accept the crown prince’s invitation to perform. And they’ll perform where there are armys who want to see them! That’s probably why didn’t want to set foot in North career. They wouldn’t be performing for armys, just old North careerean government people. The population of SA is 47% under 24. You’re old once you reach 27 and are a clout-chasing anti so of course there are thousands of armys who want to see BTS!


About 100 camels are sold in SA everyday. That’s a lot of camels. BTS surely haven’t seen that many camels. They probably had this conversation all over again!


SA have slowly been giving women more rights step by step. There are much more women with good jobs in SA than there used to be. That means they can buy BTS music with their own money! It’s such a good feeling to not have to rely on anyone but yourself when you’re supporting the boys.


People who’ve been to SA will tell you the women often travel in groups. This is a great mindset armys should relate to. Follow those who you can trust and no one will want to fuck with you. So always side with real armys who want A armys to experience the greatness of BTS and be ready to have you and your friends take down fake-fans who are fine with being Islamophobes.


In SA, water is more expensive than gas. It makes sense since water can only be reached from SA’s two coasts while they have plenty of oil for all of the world to enjoy. But this dry country sure felt the wetness from BTS miraculous concert! Just look at how sweaty Taehyung is. Anyone dying of thirst would gladly drink his sweat even if there is water somewhere.


The racist antis keep saying how BTS performing in SA is hypocritical because they have a charity campaign that’s supposed to help yeah man when SA is the country terrorizing yeah man. Well if the proceeds from the concert really do go into SA’s abuse towards yeah man, then the Love Myself campaign won’t be going away soon! If violence were to end tomorrow, then there’d be no reason for BTS to support #ENDviolence. Besides, BTS doesn’t talk about big issues like war or peace, or global poverty or starvation, or things like that. Namjoon said it himself! Their message is loving yourself, as well as to look at the small things. Genocide is way to big to look at! Just look at small things, like haircuts!

RIP Jungkook’s long hair. You will be missed.

I think I’ve talked plenty about SA’s history and culture! Hope everybody feels more educated now on why it was such an honor for BTS to perform such an amazing concert there. Especially any managerantis and kpoppies reading this! Don’t even try to argue with me or I’ll have you blocked and reported. And to my army friends, Happy Independence Day! All rise for our beloved president Kim Namjoon đź’ś

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