Throwback Thoughts: Tri-Angle- TVXQ (ft. BoA and TRAX)

After many months, we’re going further back in time in usual this week!

There have been more developments from the Burning Molka with Jung Joon Young getting indicted, ex-Kara’s Hara’s infamous ex-boyfriend had his first trial concerning the assault case, and controversial photographer Rotta (who made photo shoots for K-pop artists like DIA, Stellar, and ex-f(x) Sulli) received a prison sentence for sexual molestation.

Despite publicly denying any drug use with ex-fiancee Hwang Hana last week, there is evidence that JYJ’s Yoochun did indeed do just that. TVXQ (as 5 or 2) still haven’t made an appearance on Throwback even though I would have chosen them two years ago if timing didn’t ruin their chance. So let’s go further than 5 years this time and look back on a song that will be turning 15 this year; Tri-Angle!

Tri-Angle was released back when it was still okay for K-pop stars to have ridiculous hairstyles. Yoochun has the most norma-looking hair, but not by much. The undisputed champion of course is Changmin’s Statue of Liberty hair.


For the song, it’s mostly very catchy to me because it’s like SM combined all of Shinhwa’s SME songs to make this. You have a classical music sample like T.O.P., wannabe-nu-metal like Yo, and usual boy band vocal melodies like Only One. No one copies SM better than SM.


Just like no one copies X Japan better than X Japan! SM back then tried to make their own visual kei rock band with TRAX and it flopped of course. Tri-Angle was probably made to pimp up SM’s latest artists now that they didn’t have H.O.T., S.E.S., and Shinhwa anymore. TRAX are actually still active even after losing half the band, but they recently rebranded as TraxX, added a new member, and will make EDM music now. RIP South Korean rock.


The artists formerly known as TRAX make the song worse than t should be. I’m a sucker for old-time boy band melodies, Mozart music is awesome, and BoA’s bridge is a welcome addition. Would the song be more remembered if it was just TVXQ and BoA? Maybe not, since it was 2005’s Rising Sun that made TVXQ more popular. But it’s still one of the better DB5K songs that way it is.


In a nutshell, Tri-Angle should be interesting at the least with its SM-style metal, collaborative efforts, and hair choices. I give it 2 less problematic traitors out of 3.

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