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It was announced BlackPink (as well as Hyukoh and J-pop legends Perfume) would perform at this year’s Coachella fesival, TC Candler’s most attractive faces lists included K-pop stars to the annoyance of some Greek TV personalities, and all of MBK’s trademark applications for the ‘T-ARA’ name have been rejected.

The top story of the week goes to IU for investing in land that antis assumed was an insider trading move when really it’s for her company’s trainees to train for free. With that, let’s look back on one of IU’s most popular songs; Good Day!

Last week, I made a post compiling several songs from 2009. IU’s Boo was included as well as a brief mention of her later song Marshmallow. Despite debuting with a dramatic image with Lost Child, 2009 put IU in a new, youthful light that the people of Korea adored. A whole year goes by for her next physical release, and the feature track is a step in the right direction.


IU still retains the youthful image with Good Day. The lyrics about being too shy to confess to a guy she likes and the video matching as well where a parrot has more confidence to say “I love you” to him than she does. The main difference is she doesn’t sing in that stu P I D aegyo voice we all know she despises. This time, she gets to show off her vocal chops, particularly the ending 3-high note belt that has been attempted by people all over the kpoposphere. The belt shouldn’t just be special for how high she can sing, but for emitting a sense of newfound confidence that she didn’t have before. It reminds me of the message in ABBA- Dancing Queen. But here, it’ not “you can dance”, it’s “can dance”. You know we’ve got some good shit when I’m pulling out an ABBA card.


The belt also is not the only thing that makes this a great song. There are also the wonderfully crafted melodies and orchestrations making this a song to remember for many more years to come. We have a damn good chorus over here that you have got to hum along to. And how can we forget the instrumental solo breaks during the verses? No one knows why there is a random man who plays at least four instruments following IU around. But his presence shouldn’t be unwelcome when he helps intensify the sense of build up in Good Day.


IU has out the Good Day image behind, possibly putting it in the same category as her 2009 aegyo songs. The image she portrayed herself slightly got more mature with every next comeback until Twenty-three, which was the beginning of her image of telling her audience to fuck off m8. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk probably deserves some credit in helping IU drop that “never-been-kissed-like-Britney” image, but I think we can agree IU did most of the work in that case.


In the end, Good Day is a terrific classic. That’s all that really needs to be said really. I give it  10 burned pajamas out of 10.


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