The Few Korean Actors I Like

Which actors left a good impression on this k-pop stan?

I love k-pop, I really do. But seven young men hip thrusting wasn’t the first time Korean pop culture intrigued me. Earlier that year, maybe six months earlier as it was before I graduated high school, I was Netflix searching and saw a familiar title in the library. That movie was Oldboy which I had seen mentioned in “best movies” books and didn’t realize till after the movie started that it was Korean, not Japanese.

Did I like the movie? Hell yes. Did it make me want to explore other Korean films? Not at all. How about when I became a k-pop fan? For movies, a little bit. I’ve now seen five Korean movies (six if you count Snowpiercer) which is an improvement from the one I’ve seen beforehand. K-dramas I didn’t know were a thing until after I fell for k-pop, and there has been nothing to convince me to watch any k-drama.Too much chick flick material and not enough satirical blood spilling. Maybe if Jin finally puts his acting degree to use, I’ll sacrifice my valued time.

As a result, my knowledge on Korean actors is limiting compared to my knowledge on Korean idols. There are actors I can name, a few I can name and recognize, maybe I can name like one or two dramas/films they were in. One thing that also made k-actors look inferior to idols is there are too many good looking guys in k-pop compared to the acting world. But there are a few that stand out as handsome indivduals. Such as,

Choi Jin Hyuk


He was the first actor that really caught my eye. All thanks to him being a big ball of sass.


He’s not exactly the prettiest rose, but when in a bunch of other Korean actor roses, he’s quite a rose to gaze upon.


He’s the youngest actor out of the three featured in this article, which might be a bit of a shocker since he could pass for older than 31.


He was recently in the k-drama Tunnel, which I think is about being stuck in a tunnel or something. Lemme reiterate I have no desire in watching Korean television shows except the occasional variety show episode that has either BTS, Block B, or Shinhwa.


Lee Joon Gi


The second actor to catch my eye, mostly because he’s rather handsome.


He was in the news for being in a relationship with actress Jeon Hye Bin. For some reason, I was curious about him and looked him up. Boy was I surprised when I found out he’s kinda good looking. Of course I find this out when he just said he’s taken. Turns out I’m not the only one who thought that was a shame and people more vocal and less chill than I am broke them up months later. Hoo…ray?


He looks awfully young for 35, so much that I was worried I unknowingly posted a pic of Lee Joon instead of Lee Joon Gi. I also seem to have a few spelling confusions with his name. Not just Lee Joon Ki, but I sometimes thought it was Lee Joong Gi, probably because there’s some Lee Seung Gi that netizens love to talk about, a Song Joong Ki that made DOTS fans go apeshit, and a Kim Jaejoong that doesn’t think singing is important right now and is acting instead. (That last one might be a stretch but I gotta spread that Jaejoong love more than Yoochun spreads…never mind.)


A recent work of his is Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. I remember being slightly interested in that compared to other k-dramas at the time. Mostly because it had Baekhyun and IU.


Gong Yoo


The most recent addition to the “Korean Actors CDGG Likes” list and probably the most responsible for this post existing.


He was one of the actors I knew before deciding he meets my standards thanks to the popular k-drama Goblin/Guardian: The Lonely and Great God as well as an easy-to-remember name. At the time of the drama, he had this hairdo that was eh and I didn’t think it was that important he can hold an English conversation.


What really made me give a fuck about Gong Yoo was when I watched Train to Busan. What happened was I got sick for the first time in over a year. Not devastatingly sick, just a cold so nauseating I didn’t even have the energy to blog. After my third day of being sick with no progress in getting my fever down, fresh from a candle lit bath, I ran out of things to do after midnight. My iPad still had about 40% left, so I figured I could watch something on Netflix. I hadn’t seen the bloodfest that is TtoB yet, so why not now? I wasn’t aware until right before I pressed play that Gong Yoo is in it, so I thought this might be an interesting introduction. As the movie went on, I thought Gong Yoo was doing well, then this shot happened.


The tired look of surviving displayed here and the actual scene got me hooked. I believe what happened at this point (keeping it spoiler-free) involves distrust, betrayal, and zero hope for humanity. Gong Yoo was the delicious cherry on top. After the movie, I took my temperature for the dozenth time. (The last time was before the movie started,) My fever was gone and hasn’t come back since. I would like to thank Gong Yoo for curing me, and this post is my repayment to the healer more legit than Park Bo Gum’s cult leader.


Those are the three that have my seal of fapproval for now. Just them. I most likely don’t care about the Korean actor you think is missing here. But how do these three fare against idols in my opinion? The most attractive one would probably be lucky if he’s in the Top 50 Hot Koreans. But they’re paving the way for good looking actors that might make me give a fuck about dramas and make me watch Korean movies that don’t involve killing and blood. That won’t be happening soon, but baby steps.

Woohyun is technically an actor (kind of) so here.

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