An Infinite song was destined to be featured here.

So what happened this week? One thing was TVXQ’s Yunho performing for the first since his discharge and splitting his pants (again), the individual who threatened Apink moved on the bigger things, and Super Junior’s Sungmin announced he won’t be in the next group comeback after all.

The story that made this week’s pick was Infinite’s Woohyun’s image being wrongly attached to a sexual assault claim that was already droppedBeing a shameless Woohyun lover, I couldn’t help pick Infinite this week, rather than when their contract negotiations were trending. And after weighing my options, the Infinite song this time around is Destiny.

For Infinite songs, I prefer Rphabet over Sweetune. I think Sweetune’s at their very best when working with girl groups or making the cheesiest songs for Snuper. Rphabet’s songs for Infinite have that epic, orchestral sound I want in a boy group. And Destiny is no exception. (Technically The Eye is, but it has its moments.)

I heard some folks weren’t too welcoming of this new non-Sweetune sound. Recently, I read somewhere about how the dubstep ruins the song. I’ve known this song for almost a year, and not until yesterday did I notice this song actually had dubstep.


To complain about the use of dubstep here is like acting like you’re financially ruined when your car gets keyed. Because the vocal melody and the rest of the instrumentals are carrying the song enough, I see nothing wrong with the dubstep here. The song wouldn’t be better or worse if those brief wubwubs were gone. Then again, this is coming from someone enduring the tropical house invasion and dubstep has become a refreshing wake up call from that snoozefest.

Speaking of the vocal melody, it sounds like an adventure. It’s fast paced, you can hear the intensity from the vocalists, even when the song slows down for Hoya’s rap, it hasn’t lost the momentum. Although it stays at a similar level throughout the whole song, it’s a damn good level to be at .


Destiny‘s MV has an interesting story to it. No, not the plot. I mean back story. The video was filmed in Los Angeles, CA and some shots took place at Universal Studios. And one of the site locations involved airplanes. These scenes you can find in Version A of Destiny, whereas they are nowhere to be found in Version B, the official video for Destiny.

What happened was a passenger plane from Seoul to San Francisco crashed which led to three deaths and 187 people injured. Out of respect, the original MV was re-edited to include no planes at all. It may sound awful that all that footage and the effort put into that was for nothing, but I’m pretty sure scrapping like Destiny’s plane shots happen all them time in film, Western music videos, and Korean music videos. Not long ago was it revealed that G-Dragon’s Untitled, 2014‘s video wasn’t supposed to be a simple zoom in-zoom out of GD and there were other sets made for the MV. Apparently, G-Dragon just standing there looking like he could use a snack was more than enough for the director and he called it a wrap, meaning the sets made for one purpose never got to see the light of stage lights on film.


I was already used to that occurrence after doing high school theater. Director asks if you can build this set piece, you spend at least a week on it, then tech week happens and the director changes his mind and that set piece is striked (thrown away, destroyed, or stored for another show). I could feel the frustration from my set designer once when this little castle he built a second story for ends up never stood on in the final product.

But that was on a high school budget. This is the big leagues, and it cost almost a million U.S. dollars to film DestinyThat SM merger that happened a month after this comeback should make a lot of sense. It’s best not to imagine how much is put into your bias group’s video compared to how much you actually get to see.


But one thing we do see in Destiny‘s Version B compared to Version A is lots of Woohyun. Version A doesn’t have any close ups of Woohyun by the planes, whereas the re-edited Version B includes proper shots of Woohyun as well as the close-ups you can see in both versions. And Woohyun was absolutely flawless the era. Great hair, lots of wearing sleeveless shirts, this might be Woohyun’s best era visually.

He can not sexually harass me all night long.

So the reasons I like Destiny are a) I really like the music, dubstep doesn’t ruin anything here. b) Reminder how music videos can burn money. c) Woohyun  (Dongwoo is also gorgeous here. He looks best when he resembles a bad boy, rather than a flower boy.) I give it an Infinity plus 1.


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