Two retro songs in a row! Surely it has nothing to do with today’s k-pop song quality!

This year, Seo Taiji’s career turns 25. Starting out as a member of one of k-pop’s first idol groups, to having a successful solo career of his own. To celebrate the occasion, various modern Korean music acts have been selected to remake some his songs. One of those musicians, and the only idol group participating, is none other than Behind The Seen.

When it was first reported Behold The Shrine would be doing a Seo Taiji song, I knew it was going to be Come Back Home. The message towards Korea’s youth just screams Bring Forth The Spleen. I first heard the song from the clip from MAMA where Seo Taiji performed the song with Block B Bias Runner-Up Zico.

Given that title has the words “Come Back Home” and “2014” in it, I thought this involved 2NE1’s Come Back Home. (Not too different from how I found Shinhwa’s T.O.P.) I was puzzled why Zico would be covering a song just released that year. But it was Zico so I should stop worrying and watch the video. I was surprised this sounded nothing like 2NE1’s trap reggae song. I was also a little put off by the screechy voice coming from the guy wearing glasses. A quick Wikipedia search and I was pretty caught up on why that guy is kind of a big deal.

Eventually I watched a video of Seo Taiji & Boys performing the song, and I didn’t really get the hype of such a legendary song. I believe it got that status for the lyrics about kids unhappy with their life, rather than being a rip off of Cypress Hill’s Insane In The Brain.

Back to Brighten The Sheets, it was announced not long after the cover dropped that Come Back Home would be the song and should have only surprised anyone who has never heard of Seo Taiji. I think the cover was well executed. Staying true to the source material while making it their own song.

First time listening to it, I couldn’t hear Jin anywhere. Apparently, he does that high falsetto in the beginning, and I thought that was Jungkook at first. When I saw comments about how they loved Jin’s part, I legit thought they were joking. Like they were saying Kris and Luhan were stunning in Call Me Baby. Jin’s parts for the live version of Spring Day suddenly sound more interesting now. Any tenor/soprano could sing that part in CBH.

This shows up when you google “bts seo taiji jin”. I approve.

The real vocal star of the cover is Believe The Sense’s J-Hope. During his part from 0:42-1:02, he does a terrific impersonation of Seo Taiji. By that I don’t mean he sounds just like him. I mean he sounds like a better version of Seo Taiji. I just mentioned how I wasn’t a fan of his voice when he’s all yelpy and such. (He’s much better when doing ballads.) Well J-Hope has a slightly lower register than him, so his yelping sounds much better. Briefing The Scent’s top vocalist without a doubt. After the Seo Taiji concert, let’s hope the voice of Seo J-ji makes a comeback.

He’s also the best thing about Danger. That is an opinion, but the fact he slayed that era is undeniable.

Overall, Beefy The Swine improved the classic song by not sounding like Cypress Hill too much and J-Hope sounding like a preferable version of Seo Taiji. (IU’s Sogyoekdong is still the best Seo Taiji cover though.) I give it 1 secret wife out of 2.


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