The guessing game that took Reddit/Kpop by storm.

There I was, late at night, knowing very well I’d be waking up at 9:30, teaching piano at 10, then going to work by 11. I thought I would try to get a decent amount of sleep, only for an r/kpop regular to make a game for the k-pop redditors. The objective was to describe an MV without mentioning the artist(s) or song name and make the description as poor as you can while still letting others guess what the MV is.

So much for getting up to 6 hours of sleep.

I made a comment with 13 plot descriptions (4, then 4, then 4 again, then 1 final one). I figured I should copy them here. Just because. Instead of making you guess what the folks on Reddit already guessed correctly, I’ll just form it as what the MVs are really about.

Shinhwa- This Love

A bunch of ahjussis channel their inner Madonna.



Some schoolboys take the red pill and fight the system.



Pentagon- Gorilla

A group of kids pay homage to the late great Harambe.



Wonder Girls- Nobody

Some backup singers become superstars because the main act was taking a dump.



Monsta X- Hero

Dudes flash their abs on a rooftop.


Block B- H.E.R

A young man expresses his love for an ostrich.


Boyfriend- Alarm

Some guys walk around Chicago.

Lee Jung Hyun- V

A man gets into a Rocky Horror/Corpse Bride situation.


Bonus Incorrect Guess: SHINee- Married to the Music

PSY- Gangnam Style

A man has shenanigans at a stable, an elevator, a bathhouse, and more!

(No one else commented the Gangnam Style plot yet at the time.)

KARA- Damaged Lady

Some ladies are fed up with their men and thrash a fancy restaurant.



2PM- I’ll Be Back

Everyday I’m shufflin’. (Male version)


Bonus Incorrect Guesses: SPEED- Lovey-Dovey Plus, Teen Top- Rocking

T-ARA- Lovey-Dovey

Everyday I’m shufflin’. (Female version)


(The person who guessed this also guessed SPEED for the Male version.)

History- Might Just Die

Some guys are bummed about a breakup, but it doesn’t matter because everybody’s watching the ab-tastic dance version.


I felt like I added enough and the thread was getting stale. But it was fun while it lasted. You’re welcome to make your own plot lines for MVs in the comment section here! Song title/performer information is optional.



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