Say Hey Hey There to this week’s song!

Another slow week in k-pop land. Sulli made people mad againT-ARA got their first music show win after 5 years for their first comeback post-Hwasnakegate, and G-Dragon’s bloody USB continued to raise debates over what makes an album an album. I just did Big Bang two weeks ago, and I think it’s too soon still to pick an f(x) or a T-ARA song.

One big topic was the finale of Produce 101 where NU’EST’s Minhyun made it in the final 11, while his groupmate “Nation’s Leader” JR/Jonghyun did not. Given the lack of options, I figured I’d pick NU’EST since days ago. But I was hopeful there’d be one big story to steal the show. Well, it kinda happened today, as Baekho/Dongho got himself a sexual assault accusation. NU’EST really wanted the limelight this time. Off topic but slightly relevant, my post on IOI’ Whatta Man became my most viewed page (excluding the homepage) this past week. I don’t know how. I think I have to pay $24 a month to know what those viewers were googling to find my excuse to post screencaps of the still adorable Kim Young Hoon. Anyway, let’s look at Good Bye Bye!

It feels a bit repetitive to pick a brooding male song for the second week in a row, but I actually like how most of the song sounds, while If You Do is only interesting for about 20 seconds. The intro gives me Thomas Was Alone vibes, and I really love it when pop songs sound like video game OST’s I love. The whole song doesn’t really utilize that sound though. I’d call the chorus the weakest part of the song, but it isn’t outright terrible. And the short piano chords at the end are quite refreshing after that.


There’s also the pre-chorus that sounds like Kitt and Yorkey could have written that for their next project that makes us forgive them for If/Then. And then there’s the dubstep-lite bridge at 2:37, which is a big improvement from their earlier uses of dubstep as it actually meshes well with the song and not out of place at all.


For the styling, this is the best Ren has looked out of all NU’EST MVs. Probably because he doesn’t look more feminine than me here. While Baekho looks dreadful in scenes like 1:05. That hair is a no. He looks like a football player, so if he can’t get the mop top he had during After School Blue’s Wonder Boy, then just give him that side-shave, mohawk he usually has. That’s football.


For the choreography, I liked the little kicks Minhyun was doing during his part in the chorus. It’s something seldom used by boy groups, and usually kicks seen in boy group routines are martial arts kicks. So this was a nice alternative.


The best way to make a male brooding concept is to have a song that stands out. That’s exactly what NU’EST did. It also helps that none of the members, even designated bias Minhyun, barely make a mark in terms of ultimate biasness. I give it 14 bikes out of 20.


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