If You Do have a feeling of curiosity about what I think about this song, feel free to check this out if you Got 7 minutes!

After last week, I was worried T.O.P’s scandal would continue to headline this week’s events. Luckily for me, but especially him, he took a back seat and his situation was mostly kept quiet compared to the week before. Some people that made news recently were Jang Moon Bok for leaving Produce 101Sungmin for not leaving Super JuniorApink for getting death threats, and Twice’s Mina for the same reason as Apink. The last time Mina was in the news (for non-comeback reasons), she was tangled (that could be figuratively or literally) with GOT7’s BamBam in a dating scandal. Coincidentally, Jackson got himself a culture appropriation scandal for sporting dreads in a Pepsi ad. It seems Mina keeps getting screwed by GOT7. That is in terms of getting a Twice song featured on Throwback, of course.

Right now, this is the only song I want to make an actual post for. Everything else is either “cool”, “no thanks”, or “da fuq is up with their Japanese stuff?” The reason If You Do gets the highlight is barely about the music. When I found GOT7 through Just Right, I was pleasantly surprised to find a song from a boy group I liked that wasn’t a balls-to-the-walls, yolosweg, hip hop-lite song. At the time, IYD was a pretty recent release and I had no desire to watch the MV in full after hearing the chorus in various compilation videos. One compliment I’ll give is the part when the Australian girl speaks. Sure, the text is pretty awkward, but the synth playing in the meantime is slick. It’s  actually the vocal melody with the instrumental replacing the voice and it sounds much better than the chorus. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being biased towards instrumentals rather than vocal melodies.

Also, I don’t wanna sound like one of those people who freak out whenever niga/naega (니가/내가) is said, but BamBam’s “ok naega” at 1:41 really does sound like a certain English word. Like, out of all soundalikes in k-pop, this takes the cake.


What I really want to discuss is the theme of the MV. Over a year ago, K-Ville made a video compilation of several male k-pop songs that are sexy. Most of them qualify through bare chests, pelvic thrusts, and crotch grabs. Some don’t have those dance moves, but have a concept that fits the bill (i.e. bad boy, suit and tie). If You Do was included, which confused me because they don’t really have any of the details I just mentioned. You can’t really call this a bad boy concept, because they act angry in the video because they are that upset, while a bad boy is typically having more fun in those situations. And when they aren’t destroying the set, they’re just gazing into the camera, which you can already see in ‘innocent’ videos


Months pass, and I finally get an idea of why someone might consider this ‘sexy’; About 2 or 3 years ago, I decided to watch all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix (which you can no longer do anymore). The biggest reason I chose to devote my spare time to that show was Spike, the angsty, British vampire who has the best fun killing humans and showing other demons who’s the boss. I love it. Bad guys have all the fun, and Spike is a great example.


This one friend I had in high school was also a Buffy fan. Naturally, I told her I became a fan so we could fangirl together. Eventually, the subject about Angel vs Spike came up. No matter what kind of person the character Angel is, Spike would still be my first choice. But what really is not attractive about Angel (besides his appearance mismatched with a Leonardo DiCaprio-esque slightly high register speaking voice) is he is so depressing. Brooding this and soul that and Buffy whatever. I still haven’t finished Season 1 of Angel just because of all that brooding. I think he gets less miserable as the show goes on, but I’d still have the emotional image that possibly inspired Stephanie Meyer.

Back to my conversation with my friend, we made it known to each other that I preferred Spike while she preferred Angel. She was shocked and felt the need to remind me Spike tried to rape Buffy. My defense was he regretted it immediately after and decided to get himself a soul, and Angel just loves to brood. (It didn’t occur to me at the time, but I should have brought up the fact murder and torture, which both Angel and Spike have done, isn’t less wrong than rape) If Angel and Spike were real people in real life, then I’d have to side with my friend about the rape issue. But they are fictional characters from a fictional, non-realistic world. And as a viewer watching a form of entertainment meant to be more exciting than real life, I find Spike much more enjoyable than Angel, who I find to be dull and mopey and unable to watch 42 minutes of without browsing the web on my iPad while watching. (I could be someone who lives for when evil Angelus make an appearance, but his face still doesn’t make the cut.)

I’m pretty sure my friend understood exactly what I was trying to say, because the next time we discussed Buffy, she said I had a point about Angel and said something about how Buffy is strong without either of the guys. I guess it’s her choice not to open her eyes to the roller coaster that is Spike, but at least I helped someone realize brooding isn’t sexy.


And that is why I think people would like the video for If You Do. They’re all sad and mopey over a break up or an estranged relationship or whatever. At least Angel could brood over all the people he killed when he isn’t hung up on Buffy. The most illegal thing done by a GOT7 character in the MV (real life scandals not included) is the illicit graffiti tagged by Youngjae. But that isn’t as law breaking in South Korea compared to Chicago, where it has been against the law to even sell spray paint for 2 decades. so it’s still tame as fuck.


If You Do, as well as basically all male k-pop songs, appeals to young girls, who are fascinated by the concept of love and relationships. They (or specifically IGOT7s) watch the video full of young pop stars being serious, hear the sad song, and read the heartbreaking lyrics supplied by JYPE, and they are hooked. Meanwhile, I can’t appreciate the video when this is coming from a genre with more exciting concepts, daring songs, and lyrics that are interesting in a non-joking way when they are not about love at all.

This is also a genre where fans like to pretend they will date their bias. Just like how Angel is technically a better choice than Spike in the real world even though the character of Spike is more intriguing, IYD is a lot better when you think GOT7 are singing about that girl in school who got all the attention and dated all the hot guys while you got zilch and they realize what you’ve known the whole time that she’s shallow and doesn’t take any relationship seriously and you become hopeful that the member you like most will see you for who you really are and date you and you dethrone that girl as the most popular girl in school. I mean, that’s what I think they’re thinking.


Overall, the song isn’t too boring, but barely stands out in k-pop. The video tries to brainwash you into thinking it’s okay for fictional characters to brood and be emotional even though evil characters that you’d hate in real life are more desirable on TV, Film, and Music. I give it 2 Problematic Members out of 5.


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