An example of the only kind of J-pop I’ll write about.

Before we address the elephant in the room, here’s a reminder of anything else that happened this past week; Brown Eyed Girl’s Gain had the perfect timing to address her mental state and being offered marijuana, Sistar had their final bow and had a pretty clean disbandment, and…um…did anything else interesting happen that had nothing to do with T.O.P? Hm. Well, when in doubt, toss some PD101 out. Now back to the main story.

I usually write late at night, and usually start Throwback late Wednesday night which may or may not continue through Thursday after midnight (according to my timezone, that is). Usually when I write anything and I’ve been writing for a while (which could be 5 minutes, we’ve all been there), I’ll take a short break browsing the web, normally checking if any new stories came out since the last time I checked. At that time, I found out through a comments section of some random article that All Star Bias List member T.O.P got himself a marijuana scandal. I was about halfway done with my After School post and briefly considered scrapping it, but I knew this was too early and this was going to get bigger as the days go by. And it did.


For the first time, T.O.P succeeded where Iron, Yoochun, and Sistar failed: I managed to disregard anything else that happened the following week to pick a news story that started as early as Day 1. Even though this sort of coincides with G-Dragon’s comeback shortly after this article is published, it’s just too big to set aside.

I had a whole week to plan, therefore lots of ideas to approach this were made. I considered picking GD&TOP’s High High because the irony was through the roof. But I couldn’t think of anything to say besides “Get it? Because they both got high! lol!!” and thought I could switch it up by compiling several MVs predicting his future, adding one or two sentences for each song in an attempt to be comedic about the situation. To do that, I’d have to binge some more Big Bang videos. One of the MV’s I came across was a Japanese song they did called Beautiful Hangover.

I didn’t get to watch all of their stuff, mostly because this was pretty good and I’d rather scrap the compilation idea to focus on this. But I figured there should be some connection between the song choice and current events. I watched this a day before the news T.O.P overdosed on pills broke out. I wasn’t asking for a connection between this song and current events, but life is life and now I have to pick it.

The song is a nice use of synthpop and I like how dynamic it can be. A stand out section for me is Daesung’s first part starting at 0:57. I haven’t heard of every Big Bang song, but from the ones I have heard, none of them have anything remotely similar to Daesung’s line. It bums me out that the second verse is only rapping because I would have loved that section to make a second appearance. Taeyang’s pre-chorus is also cool. it reminds me of Starships, but less annoying. The instrumental also shows up during T.O.P’s second rap part. This doesn’t bother me as much as him rapping during the section Daesung had sung since the pre-chorus is mostly about the instrumental, whereas Daesung’s vocal melody is what makes his first part awesome.


For the video, I have to say their visuals average is probably the highest out of all of their music videos. You got T.O.P and Seungri who don’t need help to look good, GD rockin those plastic frames (which I suggest he do forever if he ever wants to be truly fapworthy), Daesung has never looked better here, (it’s the hair, not that I think it’s a problem) and Taeyang…well, he pretty much hasn’t changed at all. But the point is the boys are fine here.


There’s also plenty of things to laugh about here. You got G-Dragon sniffing his girl at 0:48 and Daesung conveniently singing “Kiss my lips” during a drama shot with Taeyang at 2:48 while looking very passionate and being quite up close to his hyung’s face. There’s also the fact T.O.P isn’t involved with the drama sequence in the video’s story. He doesn’t even appear with any of the members.


The director tried to be careful to not make this fact obvious, but you don’t have to be a T.O.P stan to know how to count to 5. Being an admirer of Super Junior and Super Junior-M member Siwon who tends to barely show up for SJ-M stuff, my guess is T.O.P had a conflicting schedule and could only spare the time to lip sync his parts while looking handsome as usual. As someone who also could care less about what BTS MV’s really mean, I appreciate his absence in the story and fully committing to looking stunning. If he had storyline shots shared with the close ups, we might not have gotten this gem.


T.O.P knows what the main demographic really wants from a boy band. And he should continue giving us what we want when all the drug and re-enlistment issues are dealt with, as well as getting some help so what he did doesn’t happen again.

But I digress. This is a cool song to hear from Big Bang after being used to their party songs and pop ballads. I would give this song a rating, but I should sleep on it.


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