How does our heroine’s legendary tale of her first music performance from the Eastern Hemisphere conclude?

After needlessly sharing the details of buying the tickets and the whole bunch of nothing before the concert, I finally talk about the concert itself. Even though it’s been two months, everything worth remembering didn’t fade too much.

Chapter 5: The Concert that took 5 Chapters to Get To


I predicted in my Spring Day/Not Today post that the latter would be played immediately after the former. Well I was dead wrong as Not Today was the very first song performed. Given that all of their MV’s were playing in chronological order before the concert began and Spring Day was the last video played, it makes sense to have NT make the transition between before and after lights up. Additionally, it’s great when it’s the first song they perform in my presence after 18 months of being a fan.

Midway through the song, my mom shows up. But I didn’t care I had to fangirl in while she stands next to me. That’s how much fun I was already having.

After a couple more songs, they performed the song that was the reason I was even there that night. It was a concert remix that added more oomph to the chorus, still fantastic nevertheless.

After that, the first batch of solos began. There was some concert film made just for the tour and whenever a member had a one shot, screams would be heard. But not at the same volume. I can confirm in that the Maknae Line, Suga, and J-Hope, have the most vocal fans in the midwest. Jin and Rap Monster are still loved, but not as deafening.

After two months, the novelty of seeing Bangtan live has gotten worn, but my most vivid memory from the concert is Jungkook performing his solo, Begin.

I place Jungkook in the bottom half of my BTS bias list, and out of the solos in Wings, Begin is definitely my least favorite. It’s modern R&B junk that makes me dread Jungkook’s inevitable solo career. But his dancing here looked so fluid, making me ignore the fact the song is garbage. My mom asked if he was the favorite I occasionally brought up from time to time, and I guess I can understand why she’d think that. Apart from the fact they all look the same to her.

Jimin followed with my favorite solo from the album, and although I love Lie, I’m not fascinated by the dancing. He’s a skilled dancer, yes, but I don’t think it’s the best choreography the song can get. It’s in 6/8 time and sounds a lot like Lesley Gore’s You Don’t Own Me, which makes me want to see it as a waltz, rather than contemporary.

Suga does his solo, the vocal line get together the catwalk;s downstage area (pretty sure this was the first or second time that side of the stage was used) and perform Lost, couple full group songs pass and we’re back to solos. Rap Monster started and something worth noting is the audience would chant “We Love You!” in rhythm multiple times when the opportunity came. Like I said, RapMon is very loved in the midwest no matter how good at screaming his stans are.

V’s solo came and went and then it was J-Hope’s turn. What’s worth noting about MAMA it’s the only solo that used the downstage section of the stage. Every single member sang their solos upstage, the furthest part of the stage. It all comes down to what the director wanted, and I won’t complain because J-Hope got to be up close when he easily could have stayed in the back.

Maybe it’s because he’s the most lively performer in BTS, and having a cheerful, upbeat song makes it more convincing he has stage presence. I don’t want to say anyone has stage presence, but damn you, J-Hope. You must really like making me think that.

Last but not least was Jin’s Awake. Like I just said, Jin stayed in the back of the room and holding up my paper hear was pointless. But I did it anyway as well as my Jin paddle because seeing BTS live made me lose control of my sensible actions. I made sure mom knew he’s the favorite, and a few minutes later she said his lips are swollen. Being very familiar with that face, I had to tell her that’s just his face.

After being blessed by my UB, Cypher Pt. 4 was next. I’m not a big fan of the cyphers, but just like Jungkook’s solo, the performance can make up for that. And what better way than having the rap line, including J-Hope, emerge from the ground dressed like pimps?




I took my own clips from the concert, but none surpass a minute because I still want to experience the show with my eyes not looking through a screen. But J-Hope during Rap Monster’s rap convinced me I had to make a clip of J-Hope’s rap. When I posted my bias post for J-Hope days before the concert, I had a feeling he’d be demoted rather than promoted on my list. Boy did that backfire. Jin is very lucky he is ridiculously handsome and is adorable and J-Hope can have tragic bad angles, otherwise I’d have to make a new blog called “J-Hope’s J-Hoe”.

Fire was next, and just like Not Today and Dope, it is a terrific song to see and hear live. Afterwards was a medley of their past title tracks. War of Hormone was not included. One stupid reason for that comes to mind. So if WoH is your fave BTS song and you didn’t get to go to the tour, you can think to yourself how you didn’t miss much.

Throughout the concert, the guys did some conversing with the audience. But I barely understood a word. All I remember is Rap Monster talking about Wings being the conclusion to the concert trilogy and saying he would pick Chicago as the US city he’d live in. (Did he say anything like that in Anaheim or Newark, by chance?) And J-Hope was being the bias wrecker that he is. Anything else anyone else said felt like standard stuff you hear from a singer at their concerts.

Me with my Jin paddle at the concert. I’ll get back to you about the paddle soon.

After some more J-Hope, Blood Sweat and Tears was performed with the promise it was the final song of the night. They exited offstage afterwards and it was time for us to get our bags and cheer.




The bags and lightsticks were a lovely sight, but I think the encore hollering game was weak. No unison chants, just random ‘WOOOoooo”s. If I was performing, I’d pack my things and head to the hotel. But BTS would never end a concert early, a second time.



They did more talking and did a batch of emotional songs, ending the night with Spring Day. As if I wasn’t wrong enough. They took their bows, left the stage, and a concert film played. Mom decided to head out since the concert was pretty much over.

Chapter 6: The Paddle That Couldn’t Wave Goodbye and An Unexpected Secret

When the fluorescents turned on, I had to put down all the junk I got to put on my outerwear. I needed a place to put my paddle, and had the idea to put in a cup holder for the Row K seats behind me since I’d be facing the it. One of the not-that-Suga-stan ladies talked about how she made eye contact with her bias (ugh) in the meantime. Back to getting dressed, I swear I took my eyes of my paddle for 2 seconds. By the time I was dressed, my paddle was nowhere to be found.

I remain calm, it’s just a souvenir after all. I get my shit together and decide to make some effort in getting my paddle back. I asked the Row K girls who said someone picked it up, asking if it was anybody’s. That sounded like a shitty alibi considering I was right there. I head out before we properly end our conversation. I try looking out in the lobby for anyone with a Jin paddle, preferably someone asking if anybody has lost one. I spot a couple girls with a Jin paddle, and one of them acted all giddy with her paddle. I side eye them, but ultimately minded my own business. If I made a fuss whether or not that paddle was acquired fairly, I’d be that exact kind of fan I don’t want to become. Seeing the merch stands had no more paddles of anybody, I just wanted to get out. Who cares about spotting a bus BTS could be riding when you robbed of $10 and a potentially useful Jin item?

(Slightly off topic, but the fact I posted this months after the concert meant I could slightly get over it and be thankful my life was not in any danger that day. I’ll still act mad about the paddle though.)

After making it home, I got to talk about the night with both of my parents. Mom thought the boys were tired and suspected they’ll be breaking up. I then told her how their contract won’t let them disband at the rate their going until it expires. Dad joked how my uncle/his older brother would be ‘devastated’ to know I didn’t pick him as my concert date. Talking to my family eased my grumpiness over that stupid paddle, so the day didn’t end in complete disgrace.

While we were talking, mom brought up something interesting that happened when she was trying to sell the ticket. She went to the box office, and they had tickets for sale. By they, I don’t mean concert attendees or brokers, I mean people behind a window who work for Allstate had tickets they could sell. And not just any nosebleed tickets, they had frickin P1 tickets too. For original price, no more no less.

“That’s strange.” I thought. Because last time I was at the box office and got tickets minutes after they were on sale, P1 tix were ‘gone’ after 2 minutes. And they shouldn’t be refundable. This poster right here suggests there should not be any tickets left over.



I wonder if Suga stan would have gone through all the trouble she had just to get P1 when the ticket(s) she desired can appear out of nowhere the day of the concert.


Overall, I wanted the concert to go on longer, but I guess a lot of the attendees had school the next day and it would set a bad example to keep them past midnight. Lame. J-Hope was the star of the show. The other members were on autopilot and couldn’t fool my mother. Speaking of, Jin has my mother’s blessing. And by blessing I mean she can see what I like about him. She’s more into buff Eastern Europeans (and my dad) so Bangtan aren’t her style. Nor are their songs her style.

I suppose it’s worth noting how you don’t have to prep for hours to get good tickets when the box office will have them months later. It’s still fishy that there were no P1 tickets minutes after they went on sale but they “cam Back” hours (at the least) before the concert. I still recommend buying tickets at the box office. Going online and racing against thousands of other people is risky since you might end up empty handed. One of the people in line said she waited in line for GOT7 tickets the summer before and said there were tickets reserved specifically for people in line so all that line wasn’t for nothing. Plus, a ticket stub is a much cooler memory artifact than regular printed paper.

And most important of all, the people watching the concert are horrible people for. They didn’t have to steal my paddle for me to think that. And they could give it back and my opinion will stay the same. (If you have any knowledge of this missing paddle, please contact me via e-mail which you can find on my about page. If someone complies, I will write a post about anything they want. Anything.) I recommend bringing a companion. I kinda had one in my mom, but it was after she went home that my paddle was snatched. Apart from security reasons, concerts that aren’t classical music related are the best when you have someone to share it with.

Final final thing, I got a real photo with all of BTS during the concert:

I’ll treasure this til the day I die.

Thank you for taking your time to learn about my epic journey. I apologize this took months to do, and if I make a post for G-Dragon’s concert in July, I can already assure you there won’t be single article only about buying the tickets.



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