Let’s flashback to Flashback.

I’d say this week was rather slow, at least the first two third of the week was. There were more Produce 101 related topics this week (just like every week). After being on a hiatus since October, Soyul left Crayon Pop for good. The same day, Exo’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal announced their break up after 1 year and 1 month. (I assume they broke up months ago since their relationship was made public 1 year and 2 months ago.) The bigger news of course is Sistar releasing their final song. However, they’re still performing as a group for at least a week. Technically, this is comeback news. And I don’t pick comebacks are ineligible for Throwback. Plus, Crayon Pop, Exo, AND f(x) already had their turn. (They and everyone else featured so far still can get a second turn. Maybe after a post passes 6 months.) Luckily, Uee left After School, so this week’s song is appropriately titled Flashback.

This is my favorite After School song. However, it is not my favorite After School-related song. Orange Caramel and After School Blue get it right much better than their parent group. That doesn’t make Flashback any worse though.


2012 had many songs released by top artists with Euro dance track sounds and an awkward dubstep breakdown. Flashback is no exception, and the dubstep is so irritable it made me not like the whole song at first. But everywhere else, especially the chorus, is good enough to make me calmly accept the breakdown after a while.


One thing I really love about Flashback is the choreography. Specifically this formation;


This dance point beautifully uses Levels and Triangles. For starters, you have one 5-person triangle led by Raina (she’s closest to the camera in case you need help). The other 3 girls standing make their own triangle with their center in the back, rather than the front like Raina. Multiple triangles at once that aren’t sidebyside? Yes please! But the only reason the two triangles are differentiated is because Raina’s triangle team are crouched down while the other team is standing. If everyone was standing, it would be just an ordinary symmetrical formation. The fact levels are used to make two triangles makes this one of k-pop’s superior dance formations. Not to mention it looks cool in motion.


TLDR, Flashback is a song with a grotesque dubstep breakdown but a great Euro dance song around it plus visually satisfying choreo to make up for it. I give it all 8 Hail Rainas out of 11.


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