It’s Rain(ing) this time.

This week started off a little dry, I was nearly going to pick a Seo Taiji and Boys song because of the passing of Yang Hyun Suk’s father. I had two songs considered for the spot until a few days ago when it was announced Sistar will disband next week and the announcement of Rain and Kim Tae Hee expecting their first child. Rather than having to settle with a review choice, for the first time I was stuck between two good candidates.

I was leaning towards picking a certain Sistar song since this and next week will be their last chance to be in the series for a while when Rain will certainly be topical when the baby arrives, but I have a lot more to say about 30Sexy than any of Sistar’s songs.

As I mentioned before, the first k-pop thing I ever heard of was Rain. I had a Colbert Report phase in the summer of 2011 and a rerun had Stephen talking about his rivalry with Rain. “Rain? Who’s that? That’s a cool name? Why is Stephen mad at him?” were some initial thoughts. A little google search later and I was up to speed about how Rain defeated Stephen for Time’s Person of the Year. Thus marked the first of many times I became exposed to k-pop just to continue ignoring it until BTS showed up in my life.


Now that I’m a k-pop fan, I have a special place in my k-pop heart for Rain for being the first Korean pop thing I ever heard of, but I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of all the songs he has. Except 30Sexy which I like for some reason.


That beat is so addictive. I loved it at first because it was giving me Portal 2 soundtrack vibesConsidering this is the second post in a row where a make a video game OST comparison, I’ll make it known video game soundtracks were the direct predecessors before k-pop in terms of music I want to listen to all the time. Then about a week ago, I was driving with the radio on and Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack, a song I was obsessed with about a decade ago. It’s like this song was designed for me to like it…2 or 3 years before I would find it.


I’m not a big fan of his looks. Most soloists without groups (actually he was in a group but it looks like they flopped hard enough for Rain to stand out by himself) usually don’t pass the “Would Bang” wall, but he looks mighty fine in the video. But that lipstick stain is a bit distracting. His falsetto doesn’t bother me, he has a voice that can handle that. An example of someone who shouldn’t use his falsetto is BTS’ V. His voice is low, so he should sing low notes! Not high ones! Right? No? Just me who thinks that? Have some Rain, I guess.


I haven’t heard all of Rain’s songs yet, but this is my favorite so far and I don’t expect any of his older songs to be better. I give it 25 Sexies out of 30.


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