Will I get any coupons for making this review?

This week belonged to Laboum for the whole album sales situation Cosmic Girls/WJSN for their fans trolling thousands of people into thinking two of the Chinese members are lesbian, married, billionaires, and the richest couple alive. Park Bom also got some attention for saying she is under YG’s sub-label, The Black Label, only for YGE to call her a liar deny it. I was leaning towards picking a Bom/2NE1 song this week, but Laboum’s story just got bigger and bigger. And for this week’s edition, I picked their Motown-inspired Sugar Sugar to be the lucky song.

This song gets compared to Girls’ Generation’s Lion Heart, and I prefer SNSD’s. But I think Sugar Sugar is much closer to the 1960’s girl group sound than Lion Heart is. One thing I want to point out is the bridge is very Broadway sounding. Specifically the solo bit at 2:28. I used to binge Broawdway OST’s when I was in high school, but now that k-pop has replaced it, I can’t put my finger down on an exact song for an example. Maybe Hairspray, but I wouldn’t gamble on that. If I ever remember, I’ll edit it in.


The video is adorable, but is one of the members in love with the doll or something? Or vice versa? Look, I have no trouble with loving who love, and as a Doctor Who fan and  someone who had her Shepard date only aliens when playing the Mass Effect series, I kinda have to accept intergalactic love if/when it becomes an issue. But I don’t think it can work out between Haein and Ken.


Speaking of, the director made it easy for someone to pick Haein as their bias. She gets to be in the toy love triangle, i in the thumbnail, and gets to pretend she’s a ‘super star’ like every girl has done at points of her life.



Reminds me Twice’s Sana in Like Ooh-Ahh, but Haein actually looks cute while Sana appears to be ‘cute’ by having an aegyo voice. I know I’m not the only who sees a resemblance between her and AOA’s Seolhyun. And is Seolhyun known for being a ‘cutie icon’? What for Twice to have a ‘mature’ concept and she’ll fit in perfectly. Maybe not the rest of Twice, but give ’em time.


Think that pretty much covers it. Now that they have a negative bias from folks who take sales, charts, and music shows very seriously, their company should try to make more songs like Sugar Sugar and Aalow Aalow so people will want their album purchases to outnumber Sinjeon’s purchases. I give it 4165 bowls of tteokbokki out of 4546.


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