Ahh, the first group MV I ever saw. Has my opinion changed at all ever since?

Welp, this week surely didn’t live up to the standards set by the week before. There was the break up of ex-Wonder Girls’ Yenny and sort of ex-2AM’s Jinwoon, but that was one of the very few k-pop scoops relevant enough this week. That blackface thing was what got everybody’s attention this week, but absolutely no k-pop star has been attached to that. Well, Sam Hammington was in one of Minwoo’s MV’s. But that’s quite a stretch.

Then tragedy struck. Jessica Jung, former main vocal of Girls’ Generation, founder of Blanc & Eclare, sister of f(x)’s Krystal, girlfriend to Coridel Entertainment’s CEO Tyler Kwon, passed away. According to some K-drama that is. Although she hasn’t actually left us yet, let’s remember her by reflecting on one of the biggest songs she and her former group had!


Since I had already seen Gangnam Style and GentlemanI Got A Boy is the first music video from a k-pop group I properly watched, third k-pop video overall. I already saw clips of Fantastic Baby and Lucifer, but in this case I actually sat down for 5 minutes and gave a view directly to the SMTOWN YouTube channel. The four main reasons that happened were;

  1. PSY was already well known (even though I knew who Rain was before PSY went viral) and now groups were getting attention.
  2. The Fine Brothers and YouTube Rewind.
  3. My best friend loves them.
  4. My best friend loves them.


So I thought I should see what all the hoopla was about. Result: unimpressed.

I didn’t like the use of five songs in one at the time. Now I’m somewhat okay with that, as long as those five songs aren’t awful. IGAB can’t recover from that. I’ll admit after watching this from time to time, to see if I might like it one day (still hasn’t worked), Seohyun and Tiffany’s verse at 3:07 is nice to hear. Probably for the same reason I like the breakdown in Call Me Baby; When surrounded by loads of sounds that aren’t glorious, that section collects more points in attractiveness.


When I used to rewatch this to try and like it, there would be times I would think the song isn’t that bad. Until the second chorus (I got a boy meotjin!) hits and I remember why this song is crap. That specific section is not sonically pleasing at all. That’s a big factor into what drew me away from k-pop. I’ll only give in if I like the music at the very least. If the song sucks but the video looks cool or the singers are hot, that’s not enough.


Although I did not become a k-pop stan soon after, I sometimes checked up on Girls’ Generation since they were kind of a big deal. I manged to name three members off the top of my head. Think you can guess which three? Well I have to spoil one of them because Sunny is the first idol in a group I could identify even when I was still a muggle. Having hair stand out from the rest can be a great asset. Unless you’re Dara from 2NE1’s early years.


After I became a k-pop fan and was going through distinguishing which member is who, I noticed how cute Seohyun is here. After watching other SNSD videos, I came to the conclusion this is her best styling by far. I also thought Yoona was pretty in the video as well. I eventually realized it was an illusion. Visuals can do that, make you think they’re hot when they’re pretty average looking. But not Jin. Jin is beauty.


Coming back to the song, it is not Girls’ Generation’s magnum opus compared to their other tracks. Lots of bright colors and experimenting and SNSD made everyone think it’s so great. If a nugu made this song, they’d flop hard. I would say someone who isn’t a k-pop fan will think it’s weird and foreign, but they’d think that for any Korean song. But I Got A Boy further emphasizes that opinion. I give it 9 plates of kimchi out of 30.


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