How does one of Crayon Pop’s earliest tracks hold up after five years?

I need to stop making promises like, “I’ll write an (x) review for next week.” Because either the story fades after seven days, or something else more intriguing for me to write for has happened. More things happened to our toilet aficionado. Not only that, but Yunho just completed his military service. Other noteworthy events include A-List bias member BtoB’s Minhyuk DM-ing a girl he says is an ex but might not be, (This whole thing was a mess.) Shinhwa’s Eric will be the first member to get married, and something new finally happened with Iron. Who knew it would take him a month to be in the news again?

Every one of those mentioned were eligible candidates for this week’s post. But you know what those stories have in common? The idols represented are all male. And if you ignore Yunho’s discharge, they all involve a girl in their romantic lives. If I chose one of them, I’d have four weeks of boy group reviews. I did three girl group reviews in a row for Throwback followed by three boy group reviews. I think three should be the maximum in back-to-back reviews by the same gender. But what girl group could do the job in breaking the streak? All of a sudden, Crayon Pop went on an indefinite hiatus. Thank you, K-Pop God.

I only watched four of their MV’s before this, so I watched their other Korean videos to determine which can make the best article. There was the possibility that none of them would be worthy of a post and I’d have to go back to picking a TVXQ MV. Then, I got to hear Bing Bing for the first time. Thank you again, K-Pop God.

When I first heard of Crayon Pop, I probably had the same thought as most other people when I thought they were weird. Weird even for K-Pop standards. I mean, jumping up and down with helmets on? A Power Rangers video? Using a cat meme as a music video’s basis? What other Korean group can offer that? For the music, FM was a grower on me. It wasn’t until I understood out the pedal point harmony riff (which took me months to figure out) that I appreciated its greatness. But I still wouldn’t rank it high on my favorite K-Pop songs list.


Bing Bing is the opposite of what I expected from Crayon Pop. That’s a good thing. After Bar Bar Bar, their title songs and videos had become rather tacky. Uh-ee, for example, was pretty much designed to go viral. And that’s usually not how going viral works. Bing Bing was before any of that happened. It’s a fun song that doesn’t rely on gimmicks, unless you wanna count the “bing” part of the chorus. But that’s pretty tame compared to a lot of what Crayon Pop have made. The weirdest part of the video is the costuming, even though plenty of girl groups have dressed similarly for upbeat songs. And the biggest surprise is I really like it.


The very beginning (not When You Wish Upon A Star) reminds me of the theme song for Austin Powers. It’s like someone heard the theme, and decided to make a pop song out of it without making the song sound just like the theme. And the melodies are pretty flawless. I tend to be biased towards instrumentals, but this is an example of where I wouldn’t mind hearing the melody by itself. The finished project might be one of my favorite girl group tracks. I just heard this about 24 hours ago, but I’ve got a hunch it’s up there.


The video is by far one of the most normal of theirs. Walking down a shopping strip in Osaka, the occasional dance shots, and close ups of the girls. I don’t prefer this over their more fascinating MV’s, but it goes well with the song and that’s what matters to me.

It’s when I find a song like Bing Bing that made me start this series. There are more K-Pop songs I know exist than the K-Pop songs I actually listened to beginning-middle-end. Digging down the nostalgia hole doesn’t guarantee you’ll find gold every time. But when you do find one, you can’t help but wonder what took you so long to find it. Like, if I started Throwback months earlier, I could have reviewed this for Soyul’s wedding. (Not like I would have picked an H.O.T song instead.)


When i wanted to pick a girl group song for this week, I wasn’t expecting it to be a song I hadn’t listened to and would be in my head the moment I heard it. I already know it’ll still be on my mind days from now. I give it a 600%.


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