Never don’t mind about a thing. It’s that day of the week again and this time, it’s Exo’s turn!

What a week it’s been. It never occurred to me there would be a week so dry in events. Produce 101 is still in the news every weekSome Youtuber is getting charges pressed against him for objectifying IU. That is a weird story, but I wouldn’t bring it up if everything else was stuff relating to comebacks and debuts. And I will not use a comeback as a basis for Throwback Thoughts.

[flash forward 9 hours after this post was done and ready to be published in time]

Whaaaaat? Yoochun is getting married? Where was this 12 hours ago? Of course this happens on my day off from work, when I can actually write when the sun’s out. If I had work today, I would have found out just before going home and devote this post to how handsome Jaejoong is and how not handsome Yoochun is! Alas. if next week is anything like this week before this was revealed, maybe I’ll get to write a TVXQ/JYJ post for Throwback.

[back to Wednesday afternoon]

Luckily, Exo saved the week by celebrating 5 years since their debut, losing some award to a Chinese girl group that made EXO-L’s board the hate train, and Sehun becoming a lord for his 23rd birthday. The last one just had to happen after my Sehun post. Well, I guess that’s more material for the 2018 list. Moving on, after some consideration between a few other song nominees, I decided to look back on Call Me Baby this time around.

Exo was one of the few groups I was aware of before joining the club. I caught glimpses of Overdose in the Fine Bros’ video at first. 17-year-old me thought it looked cool and foreign and whatever, but the member count was a turn off. And the song didn’t grab me in, even though it’s now my favorite Exo song. Then Exo got their own reaction video for Call Me Baby. I remembered them from the last K-pop video for the same reasons as before, and I figured they must be that popular to get a stand alone video. Perhaps this will be the music video that converts me. Then I heard the bits of the song. Boy was I let down.


Some paraphrased thoughts at first listen were, “Aren’t they supposed to be all mysterious and epic and whatever?” “What is this boy band crap?” and “Do they need this many members?” That hasn’t changed much today, except now it doesn’t bother me how many members a group has, but I’ve a inkling NCT might jinx that.

This is from the Chinese version, but I like Tao more than Kai so there.

It’s not just the fact the song is bouncy and and happy and not dramatic that made me not like it. The song I feel is missing that oomph. I’m not sure how to explain it. The instrumental doesn’t sound complicated and the vocal melody is what’s carrying the song, and the melody isn’t that good to begin with. The backings are mostly just brass and percussion played like they’re trying to bash down a wall. No layering, or having a harmony to match with the vocalists’ melody. It sounds dull as a result. Plus, the title sounds too similar to Call Me Maybewhich I still can’t stand 5 years after being exposed to that radioactive waste.


I do admit the breakdown is a nice listen, probably because I just endured the first two minutes prior to listening to the breakdown. And the way this was blocked is lovely as well. Having a member join one at a time and said members going back and forth with the beat is great.

The rest of the dancing is okay, I guess. It looks too good, like technically good. Being good technically doesn’t mean it’s a stand out dance. But that triple whip was well executed.


This was back when D.O had the potential to take Sehun’s place as my Exo bias. So it was good thing he got to film this when he was still cute. Does he know he’s not as cute as before? That the buzz cut does not make him look good when compared to his past stylings? That botox isn’t considered plastic surgery in his country? Maybe when he’s older, his visuals will make a comeback. But not soon, that’s for sure.


In the end, Call Me Baby failed to do what Dope succeeded for me by sounding too bare boned, having a dance that didn’t impress me at first glance, and not having a member as hot as Jin. If only he wasn’t so good at running, then they at least could have had that aspect. I give it 3 traitors out of 12.


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