Does the title match the quality? One way to find out!

This week has had more things happen than usual I’d say; Someone wore glasses with a hidden camera to a Gfriend fan meet and got busted, DIA got two new members, and the reigning king of scandal didn’t take long after his discharge to screw up his reputation again. But since Super Junior got attention twice this week, along with their company itself, I decided this was the week of Super Junior. And what better song to dig up than my first Super Junior MV?

All I knew about them when I first watched it was they were just as popular years ago as Exo is now. And that there was a Chinese member who quit and sued SM. Hearing the song for the first time, I thought it was going decently. The chorus was Mr. simple, but still catchy. Then 2:14 happened and I was immediately turned off. I couldn’t like the song after the that. Time has passed and I’m more used to it, but it’s nothing compared to their best song.  (EDIT: for some reason I had Devil linked here at first [even stranger is that it’s the performance version since I never was turned off by the fact the girl in the original was 14, maybe Siwon looking fine doing the choreo was on my mind at the time] which is odd since I never considered that a favorite SuJu song. I was still a noob at blogging when I wrote this, give me a break.)


What’s really important about Mr. Simple was seeing Siwon for the first time. I mentioned already he’s the best looking member and he bears a resemblance to 1950’s John Lennon here. But he barely looks like him any other time. Not that it’s a bad thing, since he’s still hot as it is.


Can’t you see it?

Looking like a member of my original bias group is also another reason why Siwon being ‘problematic’ doesn’t phase me. Being religious and everything that goes with it doesn’t sound bad when his doppelganger was a jerk for many different reasons. ’50’s Lennon wasn’t as outrageous as ’70’s Lennon, so it’s kind of fitting for Siwon to look like the less problematic version of adult Lennon.


Back to Mr. Simple, the only thing left I have to say is Yesung is a cutie. Sorry sorry Donghae. At least you’re still the second hottest Super Junior-M member. I give it 18 Leviticuses out of 22.


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