Winner’s first comeback since 4ever. Was it worth waiting 4?

After Nam Taehyun’s departure 4 months ago, folks could hardly imagine how Winner could continue without their main vocal/composer. I was more curious if Taehyun leaving will change the group’s sound, 4 better or worse. That becomes partially true through Really Really.

It’s something they haven’t done because it’s tropical house. But it’s also something they have done because tropical house tends to sound chill and mellow, which is a sound Winner is very familiar with. At first listen, it didn’t do much 4 me. But it’s growing on me ever so slightly. But I’ll never prefer it over Sentimental, that’s 4 sure. 4 the instrumental track, I love Jinwoo’s bit in the pre-chorus at 2:40. I’m a sucker 4 dominant 7th chords.


The line distribution is quite intriguing, as [SPOILER] Seungyoon not only has the most lines. His lines consist of more than half of the song. That’s pretty rare 4 a group with more than 2 people. This might look bothersome 4 someone who sees the group as Mino and the Not Minos. On the contrary, I’m starting to like Seungyoon’s voice. It’s nothing compared to Onew’s or J-Hope’s. It could be because he has a deeper voice then Seunghoon and Jinwoo. And when someone who actually sounds like a man is surrounded by flowerboys, it makes him look more appealing. He’s still a better looking version of Changsub at best, but he’s starting to become the second hottest member in Winner. Still nothing compared to Mino.


4 the video, I don’t think black and white works here. The lighting isn’t that great and having Seungyoon’s hair blond makes him look weird. On a positive note, it’s nice to know those cars from Bang Bang Bang are still being put to use.


The MV only has less than 20 seconds of the group actually dancing. I can already tell it matches the song’s ‘summer pool party’ feel. Not too punchy or intricate, just the choreography version of having fun. The MV does have dancing in other scenes, but it’s just the back up dancers. And boy does it look awkward during the first chorus when two dozen girls are doing this cool dance while the guys are just standing there, sometimes just bouncing to the music. 4 real.


Overall, it’s an alright offering 4 your summer song playlist. It’s slightly more interesting than usual tropical house songs. But I’m not an avid fan of tropical house, nor do I think certain types of songs should come out at certain times of the year. (I’m lookin at you, k-pop Christmas songs.) I say the song is really really not too bad.

To contrast their more upbeat song, the second song Winner had 4 us was the ballad Fool.

At first listen, it’s a ballad that could have been given to any other group and will sure get fans thinking it’s about Taehyun. I say it’s about equal quality with Really Really; the synth sounds kinda cool, the songs miss many good notes to hit that make it stand out more, and the good notes they do hit are 4 sure my favorite part in both songs.


This time, it’s the chord on the 13th beat of the chorus/main melody. Yes, that is a dominant 7th chord. I’d say if having a dom7 is the only good thing about a piece of music, it’s not that great. Seungyoon’s voice again stands out the most. What is with this guy? He still does nothing 4 me visually. Wait! I got it! It’s just like Junhoe! A discount version of Junhoe in terms of voice and appearance! Ahh, I feel much better now that’s been sorted out.



Remember when I said blond Seungyoon wasn’t good 4 a black and white video? Well it works perfectly in Fool. His hair fits like a glove in the bedroom scene. White sweater, white sheets, silver camera, beige (I think) walls, white clothes on the girl, white light from the outside, make the girl blonde and it would have been picture perfect.


The video is full of symbolism and drama and blah bla blah. The only scene that matters is when the members are sacrificed one by one by fair maidens in order to summon the music gods so k-pop could have a second Golden Age and YG artists would redeem themselves from the crap they offered since 4 years ago.


I’ll say it again. I can’t seem to choose which of the songs I like more. I’m not a ballad nor a tropical house fan. And neither struck a chord bigger than the other. They don’t outright suck, and Mino is fine as hell in the MV’s, so I won’t lose any hope 4 Winner’s future. 4 this song, I give it 1 Gilbert out of 1 Gottfried.


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