Car Door Guy’s Girl’s 2017 Bias List: 1. Jin (BTS)

For real, who else could it be?

The timing for my Dope review was perfect. I purposely left out an important reason why that song/MV is what kept me in the k-pop world. And that reason is Kim Seok Jin.


After catching a glimpse and hearing a snippet of Dope, I decided to check out the whole MV so I know for sure I like it. Like I said in my post, dancing was cool, song was thrilling, costumes were cool, etc. I was already sold, but then 1:35 happened and I was a changed woman.


My jaw dropped. My eyes were wide open. I squealed. I think you get the gist. After his six seconds were up, I spent the rest of the video thinking about that cute doctor, trying to spot the doctor during the group choreo parts. A minute passed, and I still wanted to get more of that cute doctor. I got my wish.


I noticed his voice sounded different from his first part. I just assumed he had a versatile voice til I found out he was lip syncing Jimin the first time. Lucky for me, I preferred the voice during his second part and was glad I was faithful without realizing it.


Moving on, I concluded I have finally seen the face of beauty and stanned this group, as well as the k-pop genre, immediately. After getting the names down, I made sure I kept my eyes on Jin when watching MV’s, read all kinds of profiles on him, watched compilation videos about him, etc.


The poll on this profile site was when I noticed he isn’t the most popular member. I was shocked! “Bu-but he’s so handsome. The youngest ones, over him?” (Slightly OT: In Autumn, 2015, the last three were J-Hope, Suga, then Rap Monster, which is what made me start liking RapMon. Looking at it now, don’t feel bad fellow J-Hope fans.) I figured later on the fact Jin isn’t that good at singing or dancing probably got him where he is popularity-wise. But his voice is just fine by me compared to future R&B vocalwanker, “too high for their pre-Save Me stuff”, and “needs to seriously stop singing that high when his voice is that deep”. J-Hope still trumps the other 6 so there’s no point for Jin to compete anyway.


There’s still a great positive for liking a member that is on the bottom half on popularity polls; less people to share him with. But he’s still a BTS member, therefore he has more stans than the most popular member in any given nugu group. Don’t you wish you were as ‘unpopular’ as the hyung line?


Sometimes I question if he really is that attractive, especially these days since his hairdo’s quality has been declining since Run. Then I remember he has the cutest smile. That is a smile to be proud about. I sure hope he’s very aware of that, since he cracks that smile whenever he can. Just to be clear, I don’t mean every smile he’s ever made (not that they aren’t cute), I’m talking about this specific grin;





See how the right side of his right face, his grin is a little more pressed than his left side? That is adorablePark Kyung doesn’t stand a chance against him.


Jin, (Kim) Seok Jin, Princess Jin, Eomma Jin, Car Door Guy, whatever you wanna call him, has done a great job at being attractive and even when he has off days, shall remain a fave worth thinking about in years to come.


If you like Jin, (you know, like plenty of other people do even if he’s in a group with the maknae line) you might also like;

Mark (GOT7)


Yesung (Super Junior)


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