Who could it possibly be?

After posting each member in the Top 14 of the list of males I’m attracted to as a fan, who on Earth could be the one that rules them all? Like I said from the very beginning, it should be very obvious who he is. And his name is…

The one,

The only,

The oh-so talented and unarguably sexy,

I mean, how can anyone compare to JYP oppar? Those 14 guys behind him, as well as every other male who ever existed in the history of k-pop, don’t stand a chance against him. Compared to Park Kyung, he’s a wall, on top of a wall, on top of another wall. Not even Trump’s wall can compare to the wall that is JYP oppar.


He’s also a great businessman! You’ve heard of Twice? You know, the Nation’s Girl Group? He made them! Girls’ Generation who? Out with the old, in with the new. And if you don’t live in Korea, then you obviously know GOT7! They wouldn’t have been born if not for JYP oppar! I mean, why else is one of the members named Park Jinyoung?


God he’s so fucking hot. Why else would he where sunglasses? This is what success looks like. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t judge people based on looks alone. He just so happens to be the best dancer in the world.

Someone who can dance well can do other things with his body well, if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

He also believes in gender equality! Just because some girls with pretty faces can dance like that, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t! This is what a feminist looks like.


If you see someone on the street dressed like him before he wore this, he’d be ridiculed down the street. JYP oppar knows how successful and desirable he is and proudly braced those killer trousers. If you see someone dressed like that today, he has a good role model and has a bright future ahead of him.


What else can I say? He is the personification of true beauty. Anyone who doesn’t agree doesn’t find people attractive. Like, just become a monk/nun. Not like God can compare to his visuals, but you don’t serve a purpose anywhere else.


If you are fortunate enough to come face-to-face with JYP oppar and he rejects your eternal love, some alternatives for you include;

Yang Hyun Suk (formerly of Seo Taiji & Boys)


Joon Park (g.o.d)



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