About time I revisit the song that converted me.

At the beginning of the week, I thought I would review a Seventeen song, since it was discovered the might not be ‘perfect people’. But the ongoing Wings tour in America has gotten Jimin death threats, Rap Monster got a new name,and the time of my life which I’ll go into further detail within a week. As a result, it’s BTS week! And I’d be a fool to not pick this song for Throwback Thoughts.

I heard k-pop songs before, and the only time I knew something k-pop related before Gangnam Style blew up was Rain via The Colbert Report. And every time I came across the genre, I still didn’t get it. It was weird, and too colorful, and I didn’t understand the lyrics. The only thing that would change my mind was hearing a song that sounds good. Something I wanna hear over and over.


I used to watch the Fine Brothers content and they would have YouTubers watch k-pop stuff. And every snippet I heard didn’t do the job. My opinions have changed with Lucifer, Catallena, and Overdose. But they didn’t grab me at first because, SHINee’s didn’t look that special, Orange Caramel’s was too weird, and Exo had too many members. When there was yet another k-pop reaction video, I watched expecting to hear the same reactions about how weird it is. However, one of thsoe MV’s was Dope.



For the first time in my life, I liked a k-pop song. That sax riff was in my head for weeks and I was okay with it! Add in the dancing to that sax riff which is a glorious watch. I said it before, and I’ll say it again; This is BTS’ most iconic choreography routine and they, as a group, will never top it.


The styling is genius. What better way to help new fans memorize the members by giving them their own, easy-to-identify uniforms. Those uniforms played a key role for me at least. General Suga, Officer Jungkook, Asian Ron Weasley, Asian Harry Potter, and Doctor Jin were some of the nicknames I gave them. I didn’t know Rap Monster was a bellhop and just called him RapMon, and J-Hope was just J-Hope.


I was also impressed with how the filmmakers shot the MV to make it look like one shot. It isn’t that fascinating when it actually is a one shot compared to making it look like itThe Behind the Scenes footage explains how it looks like a one shot, but try to figure out yourself and watch after to see if you’re right.


After Dope, I was sold. I watched all of their other videos, watched some Bangtan Bombs, read the profiles, and all that jazz. It’s because of them that I checked out other groups, got into k-pop satire sites, made this blog, anything k-pop related in my life, it’s all because of them. Although, if you want to go further than that, I guess Hitman Bang is also why I’m doing this now. And everyone who’s responsible for getting him where he is now. Etcetera.


There’s another thing about Dope that made me want to stick around the k-pop world, but that will be discussed on another post. So for all of the reasons totaled up, I give Dope a dope rating.

Their most iconic choreography indeed.

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