That’s right. Not only is he on the list, he’s very high up here! And nothing you or anyone can say about him is gonna change that.

It’s a bit interesting how I eventually got into Block B; my first introduction to them was Bastarz’ Zero for Conduct. I watched a video compilation of 100 2015 songs and I was keeping an ear out for hard, in-your-face, not-your-One-Direction-crap songs. I enjoyed it, listened to it all the time, then I stopped, went back to binging BTS stuff, and everything about the song faded from my memory.


Sometime afterwards, I found this mashup hoping to find more 2015 songs I missed. Not only did I rediscover ZfC, but I found a shit ton more songs to listen to. Especially during the part starting from 7:44 onwards. This helpful guide the guy who made the mashup uploaded was able to show me one of the songs used in the last part was Eureka by Zico. Zion T was there too, but he just made Zico look more attractive. Just like what anyone in DB5K that isn’t Jaejoong is to Jaejoong.


A quick Wikipedia search later and turns out, Zico and Bastarz are in the same group! And Zico not only wrote ZfC but lent his voice too! I thought that was odd and how the k-pop world is a small world. Then I went back to binging BTS stuff.


Sometime after that, Blooming Period happened and Block B became my second favorite k-pop group. It only took a few months, based on the first time I’ve heard of them. Even though Zico was a member that stood out, I didn’t think he was bias list material. And picking Zico as your favorite Block B member is like picking Tablo as your favorite Epik High member; it’s an easy choice.

Then I watched this and Zico got a major promotion. Was it the song that made me see the light? No. His “watch me dance even though I can’t dance without idol choreography sessions” dance? No. Was it being in the same room as A-list bias member Song Minho? No, because it was hanging out with Zico that made him worth noticing. (Now you know.) It was literally the last 5 seconds of this damn clip. His sunglasses have already been removed, his back is to the audience, he turns back and removes his hat, and he just looks ahead with his mouth open. Damn, that was glorious.


Seeing his arms like that feels weird now that his body is slowly turning into mural. About the mom tat, I’ve gotten used to it, speaking as someone who has never met him and is unlikely to see his bare chest up close. If I did date someone with his mother on his tit, I probably would rethink the relationship. If he looked like Zico, or anyone on this list, then I’ll make sure he wears a wife beater when we get physical.


It seems that where ever he goes, scandals will follow him. If we go back to when he debuted: In 2011, Block B were dubbed “Big Bang wannabes” and their debut track was banned from broadcast. 2012, Thailand. 2013, the lawsuit. 2014, Tough Cookie. 2015, car cr- for real? A car crash? That’s scandalous when he wasn’t even driving? It’s not like anything he/Block B does can top Thailand, but what a slow year it must have been! Anyway, 2016, Seolhyun. Those were just a few and Zico still has 9 months left for this year’s scandal. 9 months? Hm.


He may be a “faggot bitch” (I’m singing this at the top of my lungs, because I’m using it in a musical sense!), but there’s no one who can be a bigger (ahem) “faggot bitch” than him and be handsome at the same time.


It’s in the eyes. Apparently his big lips are his most charming quality, but he doesn’t need those lips when he’s got that sexy pair of eyes. I don’t care if a k-pop guy has monolids or double eyelids. They both can look stunning or undesirable. And Zico’s monolids should make someone wish they never got double eyelid surgery.


I could keep going about him, but I know he’s got plenty of people who ‘don’t like him, but like his music’ and I don’t want to be mistaken for Netizen Buzz. So observe how a true hip hop gangster thug showers.


If you think Zico is too homophobic and racist and irresistable and sexist and for your taste, you might like instead;

Jooheon (Monsta X)


Zelo (BAP)



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