It never occurred to me I would like someone in Infinite, let alone have a member this high on the list.

When I got into K-pop, I would watch videos of all sorts that would refer to songs by certain artists. Like, if someone made a ranking of their fave boy groups, they would have a song by that boy group playing when the group is on the screen. And those songs would usually be that group’s popular songs. Because of that, The only Infinite songs I was aware of were Bad and The Chaser.


Bad wasn’t, well, “bad”. It started off promising but the rest of the song didn’t live up to the intro. And I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to like The Chaser. It doesn’t suck, it just doesn’t do anything for me. I would hear more snippets of Infinite songs as time went by, but they didn’t have that oomph to make give a damn. That’s why I initially ignored Infinite when checking out what Korean pop has to offer.


Then one day I heard a snippet of Back, which sounded promising. Sometimes you hear a bit of a song you like, then check out the whole song and either like or dislike the whole product. Well I sat through Back and I was pleased. Infinite can make something I like!

These videos, as well as line distribution videos, are really helpful when I take an interest in a group but need help choosing a bias. The first time I watched it (not this specific video, the one I actually watched was from a now deactivated channel) was not too effective. Then sometime after The Eye promotions, I watched it a second time, hoping to differentiate the members for real this time. Then I saw him. How did I not see him before?


How could something so cute and amazing go unnoticed the whole time? Even after I found Back, I still didn’t acknowledge his existence! As a main vocal, he gets a chunk full of screentime and it still took me months to figure out he is very worthy of being in my Top 5! Woohyun’s face above represents how I should be glared upon for not knowing he existed that whole time.


Unfortunately, I was given a new problem on my hands. While I was watching Back for probably the 10th tie overall, (it’s not the only Infinite song I like, okay?) I wanted to make sure I could spot Woohyun in all of his shots so I could admire how handsome he is in them.


When I saw a guy run up on a car, I thought “Oh, look how he’s running on that car! Hnnng!” Then I saw Woohyun emerge from the back to sing the pre-chorus. “What?” I thought. “If Woohyun is there, who’s that on top of the car?” In case you aren’t that familiar with the MV, that just so happened to be L.


“How on Earth could I have mixed them up? Woohyun is so much better looking than L! This can’t be happening!” And thus it began. When I would watch Infinite MV’s and try to spot L Woohyun (I really did type L when I meant to type Woohyun, and I’m keeping it there to prove my point.), the man I would hope is my Infinite bias would actually be L.


Before, I didn’t have mind L at all. I heard about how he’s handsome, but I like choosing who the handsome one is. And I’m normally okay with someone looking like a confirmed bias, but the look-alikes are almost always in separate groups.  So having a group where two people look similar when you squint your eyes in the same group, and having only one of those members be absolutely gorgeous, will probably be a bad thing.


As a result, L sunk to the bottom third of my Infinite bias list to the point where I don’t want to look at him, as I could be easily be looking at Woohyun, or thinking about Woohyun when he isn’t on the screen. Sometimes if I’m not sure where he is during a video’s dance section, I’ll just keep my eyes on 2nd place holder Dongwoo until I hear Woohyun singing rather than look at the guy who might be Woohyun right away. The best thing about biasing a main vocal is he gets plenty of screentime. Well, and lines, since he wouldn’t get that much screentime if it weren’t for his lines.


An all time low for this dilemma was when I was watching Last Romeo and I was certain the member who got the main role in the drama scenes was L. He’s the visual! Logically, he’s supposed to get parts like that in MV’s! But I noticed L looked a bit too much like Woohyun and the names video confirmed what I feared.

Using this again because it’s very relevant in this situation.

Why must it be like this? Why have one of the most gorgeous fellas on the K-pop scene be in a group with a not-as-attractive duplicate? On the bright side, that issue has been on a decline since Bad and hopefully their spring comeback will confirm this issue is a thing of the past. In the meantime, look at how adorable Woohyun is.


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