That’s right, my type. In Exo and SME that is.

It took me months to figure out who’s who in Exo, over a year if you want to count the first time I’ve ever seen Exo. I think the first one I recognized was Kris, but that was because I wanted to point out who was the one that left first.


Then one day, I came across this Koreaboo article about comparing Jin and Sehun. I thought it was about how similar they look, but my memory simply played a trick on me. After that, I knew I had to watch some Exo MV’s and be able to point out which one is Sehun.

He was phenomenal here. His laughable-but-still-cute rap bit, toying with the camera, his kick during Chanyeol’s rap, I was sold.


While he may get flack for being the ‘untalented one’, he is, however, the most positively consistent in terms of looks. There was a time I’d consider 6 of the original 12 members bias worthy. But time, no matter how long or short it is, can be cruel.


Getting haircuts was not good for D.O and Kris. Even if Kris now has his hair back, going bald him soiled his image. And D.O really looks bored with that hair. Not even the fun looking bored. So bored, he looks meh.


I really only liked Chen because of his voice, then I got very much used to it and realized his face is a bit too chiseled. Luhan has still got it, but he doesn’t qualify to be on this list since he left Korean Entertainment. Lay almost made the list, but I came across some photos of him looking not cute and he’s now number 16 (since 14 and 15 are technically shared).


Everyone else has always either been meh or nope. The only thing that’s changed about Sehun’s appearance is he’s starting to look older. Not grandpa older, more mature older. That is a very good thing. But he potentially can still be hot when he is considered an ahjussi.


Looks are the biggest talent in K-pop, therefore Sehun is the most talented member in Exo. Sehun, never don’t mind about a thing when it comes to vocal lovers and variety fans. Unless D.O grows his hair back, you should be the most talented member for years to come.


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