The numbering here and who number 1 is might make you think this, but no. Numbers 1-7 are not BTS members.

J-Hope was a bit of a grower on me. My second favorite BTS member was usually Rap Monster, then sometimes it would switch to J-Hope, then back to Rap Monster, and back forth over and over again. Blood Sweat & Tears was the final confirmation.

J-Hope and Rap Monster both look great here. Both are hot as fuck in their drama shots, but the choreography shots sealed the deal. J-Hope is a natural dancer. While the weaker links are trying their best to dance the dance, J-Hope (and I guess Jungkook and Jimin but I’m not that into them) already knows the dance, so he tries his best to add character into the dance.


Picture this: you’re in a boy group and you’re shooting the MV for your latest feature track. Videos and films take a long time to film. The director should be a bit of a perfectionist at the least. Your drama shot could be just getting out of bed and you probably would spend an hour doing that over and over. Not every actor is Daniel Day-Lewis. You get bored of this easily. You might look the same on the outside as you did an hour ago, but you’re dead on the inside.


But that’s just from lying down and getting up over and over. Imagine having to film a dance sequence. It’s not like rehearsing for live performances where you dance it with (hopefully) no mistakes from start to finish. You’ll stop halfway through, start again, start halfway through, and all that jazz. When the production team is happy with the final cut at one set/location, you still have another set/location left to do it all over again.


If you’re a natural, this doesn’t bother you as much as the others. You could do this in your sleep. But you are human. Repetition can get to you. But while the weaker dancers put on a blank face disguised as “tense” or “serious” (anyone who looks like that is just bored and is on autopilot), you try looking like you actually enjoy doing the same dance over and over. I won’t be too confident and say J-Hope has stage presence, but he hands down makes me believe he does.

If idols have give it 110% with dancing, J-Hope gives 150% just because you can tell he’s feeling the music rather than just giving a constipated look. But there’s more to J-Hope than his dancing. He also has my favorite voice in Bangtan.


One time I read J-Hope was going to be a sub-vocal instead of a rapper. I have a feeling since BTS went through multiple line up changes before debuting, whoever was meant to be a rapper with Rap Monster and Suga was dropped/quit and Big Hit couldn’t get a new rapper trainee. What they did was pick one of their trainees who isn’t the best singer to be the new third rapper. And that trainee was J-Hope.

He does sing the most out of the three rappers after all. And I believe it was his part here at 2:51 that made me like him more than Rap Monster for the first time. When ARMYs want to talk about his singing, they’ll go heads over heels for this. Frankly, I don’t think that song is as good as I Like It and he sounds like any other singer when doing a ballad.


No, I haven’t forgotten he primarily raps for the group. Do I like his rapping voice. Fuck yeah I do! He’s a good contrast to RapMon and Suga; Natural rappers with underground experience versus a manufactured idol rapper. I don’t dislike all of actual hip hop rapping, it’s just their standard “gangsta” rapping is overshadowed by J-Hope’s “I do what I feel like!” rapping.


Usually when an idol is assigned to be a rapper without much prior experience, they can sound embarrassingly bad or just rap with the vocal voice they’ve been training when they thought they were going to be a vocal. J-Hope I guess can sound bad. I once showed someone who likes hip hop Fire and he said he found the one that can’t rap. Well I found the one that raps however he wants to, and it gives my ears a warm feeling.


But what about what matters the most? What do I think of his looks? Well, it’s done him well enough to get him this high on the list, although he could have been higher. It’s sort of like Onew, but his bad angles are much more tolerable. And he is fucking gorgeous when he has good angles.


He still has a face that might get him demoted should I come across someone very attractive in k-pop. Until then, he’s lucky 7.

Hobi’s moves + rapping + face = a very pleased me

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