He’s insanely attractive. Very much so. Without a doubt. Period. Okay, there’s more this, but he doesn’t need explaining.


Discovering his attractiveness was kind of a miracle. I’m sure it would happen eventually, but that would mean I wouldn’t know of this til perhaps months later.


I launched this blog late last year thinking the content I would make would be song ranking posts. There was a time I thought I was being original with that. Original because I wouldn’t be narrowing it to 10. No, I was planning to list every song made be a group/artist and rank it from not the best to the best.


I really thought this would be the niche of my blog! From July to December, I binged every video (if it had a video, and wasn’t a Japanese short version, I fucking watched it) for 30 groups and soloists. My very first draft for this blog was a BTS song ranking. I finally realized this isn’t the direction I should go and trashed it.


A good chunk of that effort was a waste of time, but not all of it. A few examples: I realized Beast had some really good songs (when there were 6, Highlight hasn’t topped it yet), I discovered a G-Dragon song that deserves being called my favorite G-Dragon song, instead of by default, and Apink really do just have one song I like. Good to know that for sure, rather than assume.


But perhaps the best takeaway from this failed project was when I decided it was BtoB’s turn. I only knew they had WOW and they had recently made a long line of ballads in a row. Well they became a group to keep an eye on when I saw this;

Technically, it was the ballad right before this (I watched in order by release) when I first noticed him. There was a lot of shots of Minhyuk being fine that lowered my boredom levels, but Irresistible Lips is what sealed the deal in who my BtoB bias is. Send my regards to whoever directed the MV for picking Minhyuk as the lead.


I’d find it odd for someone to think the hottest member of BtoB is anyone that isn’t Minhyuk. For groups like BTS and Seventeen, I’m used to the fact my bias isn’t who fans would pick. But for BtoB, I don’t see him as someone that would get nudged down on a BtoB bias list.


One last thing, the way his mouth is shaped in making his teeth visible practically whenever his mouth is open makes him so adorable. He’s got cute eyes and he usually has his hair well done, but his irresistible lips might be what drew me in.


If you like Minhyuk, you might also like,

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