Ah, my original ultimate bias wrecker. If only there weren’t that many hotter dudes in the k-pop world.

K-pop is lacking in men. Yes, there are plenty of males, but so many of them are styled/designed to look young and pretty. Some of those guys I actually like, but the fact there’s so many is a bit saddening.


So when I find an idol that doesn’t look like he came out of a Disney Channel show and is handsome, he usually becomes a favorite in his group. (Finding a soloist that meets my standards is rare. Very rare. Hasn’t really happened yet.) T.O.P is the founding father of that phenomena in the k-poposphere.

The first time I ever saw Big Bang/Fantastic Baby, 2 years before I got hooked on k-pop, I thought this was too much weird for me. G-Dragon’s mile long extensions, blonde Daesung, a song that to this day I’m not that into, yada yada yada. But a good weird thing was T.O.P. I noticed his voice differed from screechy GD and was a cool bass voice seldom heard in modern pop I’ve heard. And the look he gives. Eommaya.


When I got into k-pop, I decided to make things right and make him number 2 on my bias list. This was when my bias list only had two entries. Then he became fourth, then sixth, now he’s here. And after making that Jaejoong post, he might get another demotion as time goes by. But he’s still fine as fuck so he should remain a VIP (no pun intended) bias member for as long as I’m into k-pop.


T.O.P recently started his military service and I thought I should exclude guys doing their service, as they’re technically inactive. Then I remembered this is my blog where I make the rules and told myself to shut up and look at how handsome he is. If he retired from music in general, I suppose I’ll exclude him then, as well as anyone else who quits music.


Word of advice to the men of the world; glasses like these are the ones I like on guys. Not transparent ones with the little pieces of rubber that go on the nose. It’s like you wear glasses only to correct your vision,  not caring about looking stylish. Frames with built in nose support is where it’s at. Or maybe just be good looking enough where you don’t need glasses. That can work too.


T.O.P has the gentleman look, and he lives it too. When he isn’t playing the boy band facade, he drinks wine, collects art, and wears long sleeved shirts. Don’t you think he likes the way he looks wearing clothes versus wearing less clothes? His Instagram gets a bit childish at times. But if anything, his is definitely an account worth following.


I swear I was done at the glasses bit. Anyway, he’s top class and he can give me a big bang any day of the week.


If you like T.O.P you might also like,

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