How does T-ARA’s first song with Brave Brothers hold up after nearly two years?

I said I’d consider making an Iron review, but not much else happened with him this week. Matter of fact, not much happened this week in general, apart from the announcement that T-ARA will be undergoing a lineup change after their upcoming comeback. Interesting how it was decided they go this route after it was revealed Hwayoung wasn’t being bullied this whole time. I guess they’d prefer disbanding when everyone realizes they were wrong instead of disbanding when everyone wants them to disband.

A Ryu family heirloom

The “last song” featuring the original 6 will be composed by Brave Brothers. So it makes sense to look back on the previous Bravesound T-ARA song, So Crazy. It is very different from their Shinsadong Tiger dance tracks. Instead of going EDM, Brave Brothers gave them a more brassy song.

Everyone says it sounds like an AOA song. Probably because all three of their 2014 comeback songs were all Bravesound. I honestly hear it more as 4Minute’s Whatcha Doin Today. And of all the songs Brave Brothers wrote for them, that was the best of the three. After making their best Brave song, they broke free from the Bravesound and released Crazy, which sounds more like a T-ARA song than So Crazy.


I frankly don’t have a problem with the Bravesound route T-ARA went. Yes, it’s different. But it’s not awful. It’s upbeat and it gives a fun feeling. But I will give this one complaint; the male parts.


It seems that one thing Brave Brothers has to put in his songs is male singing parts coming out of nowhere. “So good!”, “High Heel!” “Modu da jal doe geoya!”, just a very few examples. I’m watching this MV wanting to hear girls singing. If I wanted hear a guy make random and unneeded outbursts, I’d watch a live version of Bae Bae.


Nevertheless, it’s still so good on it’s own. The girls look lovely in the MV, so the male fans still have something for later use. Will their final song be able to top this? Well it should. Even if it won’t be better, it still should be. I give So Crazy 7 stabbings out of 9.


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