Number 9 is a man too hot for TVXQ.

If you read my Siwon post, you may have noticed I left out Jaejoong when going through SM’s long list of visuals. Well first off, he’s no longer an SM artist. Everybody mentioned there are currently at SM (Sulli may seem to be exclusively signed at Instagram, but she’s still there and making more than her antis combined). Secondly, his visuals deserve a post of their own instead of a measly sentence.


TVXQ was SM’s saving grace. With one of their biggest groups to date, H.O.T., disbanded and their other boy group with better music than their predecessors (as well as better looking members), Shinhwa, saying deuces to the agency, they needed young, hot men ASAP. Bring in Jaejoong, and four other guys.

Jaejoong was made (figuratively and literally) for this. The MV presents him well too and has more close ups of him, but you can’t beat HD.


I’d say Changmin benefited the most from the split. He’s the second  most attractive one and is the last member to pass the required standards line. Get rid of the most attractive one, the least attractive one, and Junsu, Changmin becomes TVXQ’s hottest member while also getting better songs than when there were 5! But he’ll never compare to Jaejoong.


Apparently Jaejoong and Junsu are the best singers, which might explain why JYJ has gotten songs that are pretty meh at best. Not even Yoochun can weigh them down to acceptable levels it seems. On the plus side, Jaejoong hanging around with a couple guys you can’t even dream of being as stunning as him makes him even more stunning. It’s like the cheerleader effect, except only Jaejooong looks hotter.


Apparently Nayeon’s Vibrator, known for running the now defunct Anti Kpop-Fangirl, looks like him. After glancing at his Instagram, he’s still no Jaejoong. Not that I had a chance with a discount Jaejoong in the first place. (Even if I did, that’s way too much Twice for me to handle.)


NCT’s Taeyong, on the other hand, looks more like him. Not exactly of course. SM’s laboratories couldn’t make an exact clone of him from the little scraps of DNA they snatched from Jaejoong as he fled. Whatever substitute to make up for the lacking DNA ingredients made a malfunctioning Jaejoong clone that looks threatening and scary without looking classy sexy and sweet at the same time.


Why else did everyone jump on the “Scammer Taeyong” train? Because he looks like someone who would scam you. Jaejoong would never. He’s too busy telling his fans to fall in love and multiply.


Gosh that’s a lot of Jaejoong. Not that too much Jaejoong is a bad thing. Would you rather have too much Yoochun? Wouldn’t be the only who’s had too much of him. In conclusion, in case you didn’t understand since the beginning, Jaejoong is fine as hell.


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