He may be younger than me, but we’d be in the same grade if we went to school together. He can still call me noona if he wants.

The moment he sat down at the desk at 1:17 was when I knew he was worth paying attention too. Seungkwan is also cute here and is more deserving of the ‘noona’ remark I made above, but, unfortunately, he is in the same group as DK and Wonwoo. So this the best I can do for him.


When I bias someone who’s a main vocal, I consider it a good thing since that means I’ll get very nice screen shots of him. He’s one of those people best appreciated in motion.


Doesn’t mean his still life photos make him look bad. Not easy to find good ones for a bias post though.


Does ‘Dokyeom’ have a special meaning? Sure, people change their names all the time in Korea. But I haven’t seen a clear explanation for Seokmin’s case here. Not that it’s really important. Oh I’m curious, yeah.


He’s still relatively new to the k-pop scene, Hopefully Seventeen’s comebacks will preserve his place on the Top 15 rather than be downgraded by someone younger and cuter or older and yet to be discovered by me.

He really is hotter when he’s moving around.

If you like DK, you might also like;

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