For someone in a group called ‘winner’, he couldn’t even get to the Top 10. Still hot, nonetheless.

When I first got into the idea of ‘biasing’ idols, I would often pick a rapper when choosing a group bias. I thought that was pretty odd of me to do since rappers here in the States used to barely interest me. (That’s only grown by a couple inches or so.)


Maybe it’s because they’re not speaking English. Or the lyrics they are saying aren’t “N-word this” or “Money and hoes that”. For the former, that’s applicable for singers too. English versions of k-pop songs usually prove that. For the latter, K-rappers can’t really write material about gun violence or being judged by the color of their skin in their home country. But I can see there’s plenty of stuff to write about based on Korea’s history, of ongoing political issues. And I just remembered while typing this rap parts in the 1st generation was full of lyrics like that. So there’s no point making a bullshit excuse why I like k-rappers more, other than I like the way they look.


Eventually the number of biases who are vocalists evened out with rappers so it doesn’t matter even more now. What does matter is Song Minho is fine as hell.

He also has something in common with Junhoe, other than being label mates and being in that survival show. He is also the only member in his group worth caring about. But Winner doesn’t even have a member in the ‘acceptable’ region. Mino being the only hot one in his group plus doing a song with iKon’s weakest links and average Epik High (still more fapworthy than WinKon) really boosted his attractiveness levels.

EPSON scanner image

There might be another reason I think of him highly, but that will be discussed in a further post, which should be posted in about a week from now.


It would be perfect if he and Junhoe did a song together. Since we might not see MOBB again, maybe ‘Papa YG’ will put these two together, hoping their hotness will make them more successful.


If you like Mino, you might also like;

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