Yes, that’s what it says. You read that correctly. Now let’s talk about how handsome Choi Siwon is.

The first time I had a glance at him was Mr. Simple, where he had an odd resemblance to John Lennon.

I wouldn’t call John my Beatles bias, but when you’re trying to figure out who’s who in a group, similarities help. And Siwon was really good at being a better looking person than John Lennon.

One thing SM Entertainment is good at is how to handle a visual. Most of the time, the ‘visual’ (for the sake of visual vs. face of the group, I refer to visual as ‘the hot one’ and face as ‘the famous one’) really is living up to the role. Taeyong is a botched remake of Jaejoong, Irene looks the most normal in Russian Roulette, Kai gets plenty of screen time (being Main Dancer is a big help in his case), Sulli needs no explaining, Minho knows how to make me smile, Yoona has a face the Korean public loves, and then there’s Siwon who is no exception.


He got to sing the first line in many of Super Junior’s more famous songs, think you can guess why? If you’re watching a YouTube video, wouldn’t you like some assurance you won’t be wasting your 4 minutes?. If the song is thirty seconds in and you ain’t feelin’ it, you’d gladly click away and fap to your biases instead. Therefore, the director throws in who he thinks the public is the hot one right away. The audience is captivated.


He’s gotten some hate in recent years for one thing. I’ll say it again; These are the principles for becoming biasable according to me: 1) Looks. 2) Not that bad looking but having a voice make up for it. 3) What 3? The only guy in k-pop I allowed his personality be a booster when his face is lacking most of the time is Hyunseung, but just on the border between “good looking” and “my biological clock is ticking”. And when I do watch variety stuff, if the least attractive member could still be the fun in the party while the most attractive sits quietly, the fap scale remains unchanged.


I don’t follow Super Junior much, don’t binge their MV’s or watch their reality shows. I haven’t met the guy myself, and even if I did, he’d be playing an act meant for fans and such. Sometimes when an idol gets outed for being a jerk, I’ll gladly accept it. It means we may have a true glimpse of what this person truly is as a human being.


I’m not a ‘fan’ of him. I’ll keep an eye on him in MV’s (and when he isn’t on camera, Yesung or Donghae will do), and that’s pretty much it. I don’t even know what he’s like on variety shows. Just one look at his face and that’s all the entertainment I need.


So if you don’t like Siwon as a person and that’s reason you won’t fap to him even though he is quite stunning, you might want to try;

Eric (Shinhwa)


Suho (Exo)



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