The next lucky fellow on the list is iKon’s main vocalist, Junhoe! What is it that makes him so alluring?

I first noticed his husky voice in Apology, but I find the video rather dull and I can barely last through the whole thing without browsing a new tab. This, however, was a better introduction to Junhoe’s looks.

Blond Junhoe is the best Junhoe.


Like Onew, he also has some bad angles himself (the higher on the list you are, the more likely I’ll forgive them.) He’s got a refreshing voice for himself, but it’s nothing like Onew’s.


Pity I can’t keep that many tabs on him since he’s literally the only good looking one in iKon in my eyes..


If they made more music I like, it would be slightly easier. But even the best iKon song will have B.I and Bobby’s rapping in it, which is a potential damage to the song.


Glass half empty, Junhoe is stuck with a bunch of dudes I don’t care for and doesn’t seem interested in joining Minzy or Taehyun. Glass half full, Junhoe has no competition at all in being my iKon fave.


If you like Junhoe, you might also like,

Bang Yongguk (B.A.P)


Sebin (Snuper)



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