I should make my bias list so it’s made public who turns me on in the k-pop world. However, instead of making one post with 3 pics and maybe a video for each entrant, I’ll make one post for each entrant, releasing one each day for two weeks. Making them appreciation posts in the process. It should be obvious who number one is, so at least the effort for these bias posts make up for the lack of surprise.

Okay, I kinda ruined the point by having a tie be the first post, but there’s a good reason for that; Looks are integral when it comes to me biasing someone, followed by voice. Onew and Jonghyun are the perfect example of that.


Jonghyun is quite handsome, and has a rare case of being photogenic in my eyes. No matter how odd his face can look at times, he’s still hot.

I think it was here at 1:01 where I began to realize I should keep one eye on him. Don’t really think much of the song, other than Jonghyun makes quite a dapper gentleman in the MV.


I don’t care about abs. I’m a face person. I’d say the majority of idols with abs are on my ‘swipe left’ list, and when someone I bias has abs, I’ll still look at his face. And I find it amusing how Jonghyun almost always puts on his war face whenever his shirt is gone.


But there’s something about Jonghyun I can’t ignore. Sometimes, he can sound annoying when he sings. I won’t link an example since that would be opposite of the point of this post, but he can sound bizarre. (There are a couple SHINee videos below but he doesn’t sound that bad in those two.) If he’s SHINee’s best vocalist, does that mean it’s okay for him to vocalwank like he’s using his non-dominant hand?


Then it hit me. Jonghyun has a voice for modern R&B singers. While ballads are normally written to make the singer the star and have him/her go up and down the scale doing whatever they feel like, R&B these days have the singer downplay and let the music go up and down the scale doing whatever they feel like. But the singers still get to do what they feel like doing as well, add in the R&B voice people like Jonghyun has and it’s obvious which of the two song styles is worse.


There is a silver lining though; Jonghyun is a k-pop singer, not a K-R&B singer. The R&B that k-pop groups get are at a pretty basic level compared to the songs people like Zion. T and Dean have, and SHINee haven’t been an R&B group for years. So when he’s yelping like a goat on a SHINee track, it’s a pop track that has stability and is sung by 4 other guys as well. That means instead of having to listen to him for 3 minutes, it’s less than a minute with a bunch of more tolerable (at the least) voices!


Lemme clarify the fact I don’t hate the sounds that come from Kim Jonghyun’s mouth. He probably wouldn’t be in this post if I did. He still knows how to downplay. He also knows how to put on a cute face so I can forgive him. Slightly off topic, but I didn’t realize til now he has a mole below his neck/on his upper chest. That mole must have lots of fun on dates.


Lots and lots of fun. Moving on;


Appearance by itself, Onew is pretty cute. He kinda has the look plenty of Asian men have, bet Onew is really good at looking like that. He’s very smiley and you don’t find many sets of those eyes in the k-population.


But he, just like Jonghyun, has one fault. A fault that affects lots of people. Probably even you. While Jonghyun is dashingly handsome wherever he looks, Onew has enough bad angles for the two of them.

Not an example. He’s gorgeous here. Just breaking up text.

When I bias someone, I either must see nothing wrong with his face at all, or like him enough to let that bad angle go. But Onew, poor Onew. He sometimes gets caught in the worst photographic situation. Sometimes it’s not even when he’s trying to look ‘ugly’. Sometimes, it’s just his face. I’d rather not share examples here. This is an appreciation post after all.


On the bright side, his ‘ugly side’ is still more attractive than idols that I think are unattractive looking their best. But Onew also has a trait that helps me overlook it; that voice. Good gracious, that voice.

Definitely my favorite voice in k-pop. I’m referring of course to how his voice sounds by itself rather than how he uses it.

I don’t really care about ballads. If I listen to these songs for fun, it’s just so I can hear the singer’s voice. I’m not afraid to admit that at all.

Even when he doesn’t sound technically perfect, I love it. But when I do want to hear him sing a song that isn’t slow and boring, SHINee will do.

Even though he sings the least in this song, the parts he get are still nice to hear. I don’t mind getting small portions if a whole 3 and half minutes means the song is a lullaby.

That bridge at 1:30 is stunning. The fact it was primarily sung by Onew probably sealed the deal on his application to be on my bias list. If someone else sang that part, it would still be my favorite part in the song. The fact Onew sings it? SM is spoiling me.


That’s why I have them share a spot. Jonghyun’s face and Onew’s voice make each other complete. There’s no hope for me in picking a clear SHINee bias. The plot in “Married to the Music” is very relatable in this case. Either they have to switch faces or switch voice boxes. Or one of them has to notice me.


At the end of each bias post, I’ll include some ‘recommendations’ of other idols you might like that aren’t too different from the one(s) above. The fact they’re included on posts talking about my preferences in k-pop guys doesn’t always mean I’m into them as well.

If you like Jonghyun, you might also like,

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And if you like Onew, you might also like,

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